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“I think food sounds good. I’ll go with you,” Pop says and stands next to Paige. I see Ryan pull her back away from him a little and narrow his eyes on my old man. I can’t stop the smile that pulls at my mouth.

“You can sit in the back with me,” Summer says, and puts her arm in the crook of his.

“She better be careful. He’s a charmer,” Jay says, and we say our goodbyes and she snuggles closer to me.

She’s careful not to touch my bandages and to keep her wrist elevated as she wraps her body around me.

“I was so scared,” I admit. “I was terrified of losing you.”

“Me too.”

“Don’t ever do that to me again.” I look down at her and wait for her eyes to meet mine. “Don’t you ever run from me again.”

“Never,” she says, and I see the promise in her eyes. “I was wrong not to go to you, but they had my sister, and I just panicked.”

I place a finger over her lips. “I know. I won’t ever allow another situation like this to happen again. You’ll be in my arms and under my protection for the rest of your life.”

“Promise?” she asks as she pulls my hand away and leans toward me.

“Promise,” I agree, and place my lips on hers.

The kiss is soft and warm and filled with promises of forever. I want to deepen it, to roll her onto her back and make love to her. To show Jay just how much I ached for her and how much she means to me. To make us alive and real as we connect. But we can’t. Not here, and not yet.

But very, very soon.

Chapter Thirty-Two


It’s been a week since Jordan saved me.

“Come here,” he says, grabbing for me.

I dodge him, and he gives me the cutest grumpy face that almost has me giving in. It doesn’t help that I want him just as much as he wants me, but I’m trying to hold back. The doctor said three physical therapy sessions and he would be cleared for sex. Today will be the third, and I’m trying to be good. But he’s making it really, really difficult.

“One more session,” I remind him, but he just isn’t having it.

“How about I do my last session on you?” He reaches for me again, grabbing me this time when I don’t fight him. I’m scared I might hit his shoulder wrong while I’m pulling away and cost us more time.

“Jordan.” I try to put fight into my rebuff, but it doesn’t work when his mouth comes to my neck and he starts kissing me. “Jordan,” I try again, but he slips his hand into my shorts as he lifts me onto the kitchen counter. I want to tell him to stop. That he shouldn’t be picking me up, but all that comes out of my mouth is a moan.

“Just need a little something to hold me over,” he whispers in my ear as he runs his finger along my sex. My hips jerk, trying to get closer to him. “Always so greedy for me.”

I am. Since we left the hospital I can’t bring myself to be far from him. If he isn’t holding me at night, I can’t sleep. I dread when we might go back to work. I want to stay locked to him, where I feel safe and protected.

“Jordan.” I say his name again, and this time I need to come.

“I got you, little bird,” he growls before taking my mouth in a soft but intense kiss. I open my mouth for him, sucking his tongue and tasting him. I try to take over the kiss, but he doesn’t let me. I slide my fingers into his hair as he strokes me back and forth, playing with my clit. My orgasm is so close. “Give it to me,” he growls against my mouth as two fingers enter me and his thumb strums my clit. It’s been so long since I’ve had him that I come easily. My body is wound so tight that even the slightest touch is setting me off. I’ve been on the edge of climax for days, and I desperately need this connection to him.

I pulse against him as he milks my orgasm from me. I cry out his name, unable to hold back any emotions.

“Fuck, I love watching you come for me.”

“Hmm,” I moan, feeling more relaxed than ever. He pulls his hand out from my shorts, and I watch as he licks his fingers clean.

“That taste is going to push me through this workout,” he says before he kisses me deep and hard. I can taste myself on him, and his aggressive desire is turning me on again.

I push on him a little, and he steps back. “Jay…” he says, and I slide off the counter in front of him, dropping to my knees. I watch his chest rise and fall, his breathing growing heavy.