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He cups my face and kisses me. I drown in him, thinking how for a few hours once upon a time I thought I’d never get this again. “I love you so much,” I tell him when he pulls back. “You’re why I held on. Why I fought when the darkness wanted to take me. When, for a few moments, I wanted to give up,” I tell him. Tears cascade down my face.

“I would have followed you into the darkness. I’ll never be without you,” he says, lifting me up. I should yell at him and tell him he shouldn’t want that, that if something ever happened to me he should want to live, but I know my words will fall on deaf ears.

“You’re going to hurt yourself,” I tell him in a half-hearted protest. He should put me down, but I know he’s not going to. Not until my back is on the mattress, at least. So I wrap myself around him, holding him tight as he carries me through the house after relocking the front door.

“Your dad knows we’re having sex,” I mumble into his neck.

“He’s probably saying a prayer right now that I’m knocking you up.”

“Jordan.” I try to sound shocked, but he’s probably right. Pop has brought up being a grandpa more than once, always in a jokey manner, but I know it’s something he really wants, and soon. I wouldn’t mind either. With everything that’s happened, I know life is short, and being a mom is something I want. I’d never given it a ton of thought before, until Jordan came into my life and made me his. Now it’s something that flutters through my mind often, but he hasn’t asked me to marry him.

My back hits the soft mattress. I expect Jordan to start ripping off my clothes, but he looks down at me. “I wanted you for so long. Since the moment I saw you. Then to have you and to think I almost lost you…” He leans down, his lips brushing mine. “For so long I’ve been drifting in life. Doing my day-to-day, and then there you were, making life feel important. Making me feel like I had a reason.”

My eyes fill with tears. I reach up, running my hands through his hair. “I never thought I belonged until you made me feel that way. You’re the first person in my life to make me feel normal, Jordan. Like I fit somewhere.”

“You’re not normal,” he corrects. “You’re perfect.”

Chapter Thirty-Three


She is. She’s the most perfect woman I’ve ever laid eyes on, and any man who passed up a chance to be with her was a fool. But it’s by design that they missed their opportunity, because now she’s mine and they’ll never have another chance for her attention. It’s all for me.

“I can’t hold back much longer, Jay,” I say, kissing her softly.

“I know.” She rubs my chest before she gathers my shirt and pulls it off me.

I push hers up, needing her skin against mine. It’s been so long since we’ve had contact like this, and I’m starved.

At night when we would come to bed, she insisted on wearing one of my shirts and a pair of shorts. She knew if she was naked, there was no way I’d keep off of her, and it’s been torture ever since.

The feel of her bare stomach against mine is so fucking erotic I almost come in my shorts. I can’t control myself as I pull down the cups of her bra, revealing her breasts so that I can press them to my chest.

“Fuck, I’ve missed your nipples on me,” I moan, and I hear her laugh.

I rub my upper half against hers, needing the contact. I should take the time to remove her clothes, but I’ve got a one-track mind right now. She wiggles under me, and then more skin is exposed. I look down and see she’s gotten her shorts and her shirt off, but her bra is still pulled down below her tits.

“Get your cock out.” Her face is serious now, and I see that her need has risen as high as mine.

“Yes, ma’am,” I grunt as I reach down and unzip my shorts.

I don’t have them halfway off my ass before I’m seeking her wet heat and thrusting home.

“Oh God,” we both moan at the same time.

“It’s better than I remembered,” I say, and she pulses around me. I know it’s only been a week, but it’s felt like an eternity. “I can’t last.”

My words are choked as I hold myself still, trying desperately to think of baseball and horror movies. Nothing is working, though. The image of Jay under me, legs spread, filled with my cock, is too much. I make the mistake of glancing down at where we’re joined, and I groan in agony.