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“Fuck, that’s so hot. Seeing you take all of me.”

“Move, Jordan, please,” she begs and presses her chest up as she squeezes her eyes tight.

She’s aching for me to make love to her. Her body needs it, and I’ll be damned if I don’t give her what she needs.

“Grab my shoulders, little bird.”

She does as I say, and I slide one arm under her lower back, lifting her hips. The other hand goes to her hip and grips her hard as I start to thrust.

“I’m going to come, but I’m not going to stop,” I say through gritted teeth.

Her eyes lock with mine, and she clenches around me. She gets so turned on when I release inside her, and seeing her turned on is a drug for me.

I use her body to give her what she wants, and I feel my orgasm rush out of me. Warmth spreads between us, but I don’t stop thrusting. She looks down at where we’re connected and licks her lips, and I swear I pulse more come into her at the sight.

Holding her hips just right, I make sure that her clit is being rubbed every time I enter her. The feeling of her warm channel coated in my seed is enough to bring me back to the edge in seconds. She’s gripping me tight and begging for just a little more as I see she’s approaching the edge.

I keep my thrusts hard and steady as her nails dig into me. “Jordan!” she cries out as her body locks up, but I don’t stop my rhythm.

I ride her hard as the pleasure washes over her. I can see the peaks, and when she gasps for air, I make sure another is there waiting on her. Her orgasm goes on and on, and I come with her, too. But my release does nothing to soften my cock, and I use the thick, hard length to give her endless paradise.

When her arms fall to the bed and her eyes are almost closed, I kiss her softly and slip free, moving to her side.

“More,” she mumbles sleepily and smiles as I kiss her neck.

I bury my face in her hair, smelling her sweetness and running my hands over her lush curves. “Rest, little bird. I’ve got more waiting when you wake up.”

She mumbles something about doing it while she sleeps, and it makes me laugh. She’s so cute when she’s drunk on love.

“Just a quick nap. Then I’m waking you up,” I say, and she nods in agreement.

She’s snoring before she gets the second nod, and I kiss her forehead.

I’ve got a plan for later on today, and it would help if she’s completely exhausted. I’ll give her ten minutes to sleep, then I’m getting more of what I’ve been missing. As soon as she’s unable to walk, I’ve got a few things I need to take care of.

Chapter Thirty-Four


My thighs ache as I walk toward the house. I smile, thinking about why they’re hurting so much. I spent hours making love to my woman in every position we could get into without hurting her wrist or my shoulder permanently.

The thought of our injuries makes me want to turn around and run back home, to crawl into bed and make sure she’s safe. But I can’t. I’ve got to do this, and then I can go to her.

“It’s me, Pop,” I call out as I use my key to get in the house.

He’s sitting in the living room with a book in his lap. It’s nighttime, but I knew he’d still be up.

“What are you doing here?” he asks as he watches me kiss my fingers and then place them on the picture of my mom. “Are you here for some pointers? I know you were supposed to have a big day with Jay.” He wiggles his eyebrows, and I groan.

“Gross, and no.”

I look down at my watch, thinking how long I’ve left her alone. I know I checked the locks a few times and made sure the security guard in the building knew no one was allowed up. I could probably call and check to see if she’s okay, but this is supposed to be a surprise. Anxiety picks up, and I wonder how fast I could get back to her. What if something went wrong again?

“Jordan!” My dad’s tone snaps me out of my train of thought. “Sit down. I know why you’re here.” I try to interrupt him, but he raises his hand to make me stop. “You know how much I loved Mom.”

I nod, waiting for him to get to the point.

“She was my world until you came along. Then it grew. She was the absolute light of our lives. I didn’t know what love was until she gave it to me. I didn’t know what it meant to have someone consume your whole being and to worship every inch of someone’s soul.”

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