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I shake my head. “It just gives me another chance to try again. Third time’s a charm, right?”

“Oh God.” The worry is back, but it’s playful this time.

“Home,” I say, and tuck her into my arms as I carry her out of the park.

Chapter Thirty-Six


“Five more minutes,” I moan, as I wrap myself around Jordan. I cling to him, not letting him get up from the bed. I don’t want to let go of his warmth. Nothing feels better than being in bed with him.

“Little bird, I’ll give you all the minutes if you really want to stay here.”

I sigh, knowing he would, but I told Miles I’d be back today. Even if I choose to quit and keep writing while being a stay-at-home mom, I know I still need to transition. I have to find him someone to take my place. Miles has been good to me, and I won’t leave him high and dry. I have months before the baby comes. I need to get everything lined up and taken care of.

“Shower,” I murmur.

He stands up with my body still wrapped tightly around his. He goes into the bathroom and turns on the shower, stepping in. I still don’t let go of him as the warm water washes over us.

“You feeling okay?” he asks me.

It’s the same question he asks most mornings. My morning sickness doesn’t normally come until later afternoon, but he still worries.

“Yeah,” I tell him, still not letting go of him. I want to stay latched on as long as possible.

“Come on, little bird. Get down and I’ll take care of you.”

I sigh again, reluctantly easing my feet to the tile floor. More than anything, I’ve been tired. Every now and then I feel sick, but most of the time I want sleep. I want to lie in bed cuddled next to Jordan and do nothing else.

He puts some soap in his hands and begins washing me. I love how much he enjoys taking care of me. I moan as his hands massage my hair, and I close my eyes. “Use your body wash on me,” I tell him. I want to smell like him today. I know it will help with being away from him.

He chuckles but still does what I say.

“We have dinner with Pop today,” he reminds me. We had to cancel our usual Sunday dinner yesterday. Well, Jordan canceled because he refused to wake me from my nap to go. I woke up and the sun was already setting. I was disappointed.

My eyes fly open. “I’m so excited.” We haven’t told anyone I’m pregnant yet because we wanted Pop to be the first to know. I was going to tell him yesterday, but I guess that didn’t happen.

“God, I love how happy you get with my dad.” He cups my face sweetly. “I swear you’re the light of our family now.”

I blink back tears and smack his chest playfully. “Don’t say stuff like that. I’ll cry forever.”

I seem to cry about anything right now. Him telling me I’m the center of their family is really going to do me in. I’ve always stood on the outside of things in life, never really fitting in. Not with them, though. I fit in. It’s like I’ve always been there.

He kisses my cheeks. “I’ll make sure you don’t cry.” He drops to his knees in front of me. I lean back, knowing what he’s going to do. Jordan always knows how to make me get lost in him and how to make everything else melt away to where it’s only him and me.

I run my fingers into his wet hair. He grips my thighs and parts them. His mouth lands on my core, making me moan out as he licks and sucks me.

I jerk against him. My body tingles. I love that there’s no tease with him. He’s giving me what I need and making my body pulse with pleasure.

“Never thought I’d see this, you naked with my ring on your finger, my baby inside you.”

He slides one hand up to rest on my stomach. I look down at him, my hands still tangled in his hair. I never thought I’d see this either, the man I’ve wanted for so long on his knees in front of me, worshipping my body, giving me everything and more than I could have asked for. I didn’t know life could be this perfect.

His mouth lands back on me, his tongue going straight for my clit and making me come undone. Pleasure shoots through my body, forcing me to cry out his name over and over. He holds me tight, making sure I stay on my feet. All too soon he’s pulling me from the shower and sitting me on the bathroom counter. I feel warm and fuzzy, and I never want to move again. Although I know I have to.