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“I can’t help it,” I tell him, beaming over at him. Jordan has been excited about the baby, too, but I know this is going to be different for Pop. He’s all about family, and this is us growing that family.

“You take your vitamins?” Jordan asks for the third time today.

“Yes. Pretty sure you already asked me.” I pretend to be annoyed, but I do love how doting he is about me being pregnant. He leans over, burying his face in my neck and kissing me there. I tilt my head, letting him have his way with me. I get lost when Jordan has his mouth on me, thinking about nothing but how he makes me feel.

My neck is a weakness. He kisses it and I forget everything else. “We’re here, little bird,” he whispers in my ear. The cab comes to a stop in front of Pop’s. He tosses the cabbie some money, then hops out, coming around to open my door and pulling me from the cab.

“You distracted me,” I tell him. I love how he can do that. I get so worked up about something and he calms me down by letting me get lost in him. No one else in the world can do that to me but him. He’s my calm.

“Hmm.” He kisses me as the cab pulls away.

“Pop is going to be so excited,” I tell him. I feel like I’m going to burst. Grabbing Jordan’s hand, I start pulling him to the house, where Pop is already opening the front door to greet us.

“I’m pregnant!” I scream, unable to control myself and launching myself at him, but Jordan grabs me and holds me back, stopping me midair.

“No jumping,” he tells me sternly. I roll my eyes. Pop smiles, and I see tears form in his eyes.

“Give her to me,” he tells Jordan.

Jordan grunts before reluctantly letting me go. I go to Pop and wrap my arms around him. He picks me up, swinging me around and making me laugh.

“You don’t know what this means to me,” he whispers in my ear before putting me back down on my feet. “You’re giving this family light.”

Jordan grabs me, pulling me back to him. Pop laughs, a knowing smile on his face.

“Come inside,” he says, ushering us inside. Jordan stops to kiss the picture of his mom. I look at him and do the same.

“Thank you.” I tell the picture. This woman gave me the man who has made my life. Jordan turns me in his arms, his mouth landing on mine in a soft, sweet kiss.

“I love you so much,” he whispers against my mouth.

“Stop hogging her,” Pop says. I smile against Jordan’s mouth. I’ve never felt more loved and wanted than I have with this family. My new family. I didn’t even know families could be like this.

“I want to try out this new recipe,” Pop says, taking my hand and pulling me toward the kitchen. Jordan follows us. When we get to the kitchen, Jordan picks me up and sits me on the counter. He thinks I can’t do anything but eat now that I’m pregnant.

“You taste and watch,” he tells me.

I lean back, watching my men go to work, thinking I’ve never been happier. I’ve never felt like I belonged more in my life.

“Hey!” I hear as Summer comes walking in. She gives Pop a kiss on the cheek before coming over to me and giving me a hug. I love how much she has molded into this family with me. I want her to be a part of it, too. We’ve never had something like this, something that feels so stable.

“You look like you’re glowing,” she tells me. As she stands in front of me, she looks happy, too.

“That’s because you’re going to be an aunt!” Her face lights up and she starts jumping up and down, making me laugh. She grabs my hands, locks her fingers with mine, and steps between my legs.

“Being kidnapped was the best thing to have happened to us. I know it was terrible, but I got a family out of it. It made me grow up,” she says. “I don’t want for you to feel bad for one second about me getting wrapped up in what happened. Oddly, I’m thankful for it.” She drops her forehead to mine. “I love you, and I’m going to be the best aunt in the world.”

My eyes grow wet. “I love you, too,” I tell her. When we pull back, I see Pop and Jordan watching us both with smiles on their faces.

I didn’t know life could be so perfect.



Two months later…

“Did you feel that?” Jay asks excitedly as Pop presses on her growing belly.

“Wow! She’s going to be a strong little girl,” he exclaims, and I see them share a look.

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