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I step forward and as I do, she turns, resting her back against the glass. I walk up and place both my palms against the cool window, caging her in.

“You’re my forever,” I whisper, and she tilts her head back to look at me.

I press my body against hers and she runs her hands up my chest. I lean down and this time when I kiss her it’s not soft and gentle. This time it’s hard and demanding. I need her to know that I mean what I say, and if I have to do that by fucking her right here right now, then that’s what’s going to happen.

My hand comes off the glass and moves down to her ass. With one arm I lift her up and she wraps her legs around my waist. I can feel the heat from her pussy through my slacks and I groan against her lips. She winds her arms around my neck as my other hand grips the back of her neck.

I hold her tight against me as I grind my hard length against her. Her breath catches in her throat and I do it again, rocking her panty-covered pussy against me. My cock is throbbing with demand, but this isn’t going to be quick.

“Beau, oh god, I want you,” she gasps as my mouth moves down her throat. “I feel you everywhere. I’m burning up.”

I turn us around and take a few steps forward before I place her down on the couch. I kneel in front of her between her legs as I reach for the front of her dress.

“I should be sorry about this. But I’m not,” I say, and before she can ask what I’m talking about I grab the yellow fabric at the top and rip it all the way down the front of her body.

“Beau!” she shouts, but not in fear, just in shock. “You ripped my dress!”

“I’ll buy you a thousand more. I can’t have anything between us anymore,” I say as I stare down at her creamy skin.

Her bare breasts are full, with pink nipples that are hard little rosebuds. I lick my lips as my eyes trail down to her soft stomach and wide hips. Her cherry panties are covering what I want and I growl at them as I grab the waist and slip them down her thighs.

“I need to see all of you. All of what’s mine,” I say, rubbing my hands up her legs and pushing them farther apart.

Her wetness coats the inside of her thighs and her pink lips. When I spread them, I see her hard pink pearl begging to be licked. Fuck, she’s perfect and I want her so much I don’t know where to begin.

“God fucking damn, woman, if I knew you had this under your dress I would have fucked you on the floor of the coffee shop the first day we met.”

Her thighs clench as my hands move up them and to her stomach. I lean down and kiss a trail up to her breasts before taking a nipple in my mouth.

She cries out in pleasure as I suck on one nipple then move to the other. I go back and forth until her back is arching off the couch and she’s clawing at my shirt.

“Clothes. Take them off,” she gasps between moans.

I do as she says and take off my shirt so that she can touch my skin. The feel of her hands on me only ratchets up my need for her. I want to take my time, but I don’t think I can. I want to devour her.

“Grab your knees,” I grunt as I kiss my way down her stomach. She does as I ask and it exposes every inch of her cunt to me.

I inhale the sweet, warm scent of her pussy right before my mouth covers it. The taste of her hits my tongue and instantly I’m addicted to her sweet nectar. I run my hands back up her body and play with her big ripe tits while I eat her pussy. The sweet sounds she’s making have my cock thick with need, but this is too good right now and he’s going to have to wait his turn.

As I pinch her nipples lightly she says my name and raises her hips to my mouth. I run my tongue in circles around her clit before dipping low and tasting her honey center.

“Goddamn, it’s too good. I can’t fuck something this pure and sweet.” I rest my forehead on her thigh and think about how bad I want to put my dick in her, but also how innocent this little pussy is. “I don’t want to ruin something so close to heaven.”

“Beau,” she says, and I look up into her bright blue eyes. They’re filled to the brim with need, and her body is shaking she’s so close to the edge. “Please, Beau, make love to me.”

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