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I’ve kept her on edge the whole time to make it easier on her. But now that the moment is here, I don’t know if I can go through with it. What if I hurt her? I’m no small man, and her pretty little virgin pussy hasn’t so much as had a finger inside it.

“Please.” She moans as she closes her eyes and leans her head back. Her hips are moving like we’re already making love and it’s got me in a trance.

Reaching down, I undo my belt and slacks, then push them off, with my boxer briefs. I take my cock in my hand and just stare down at her pussy. I jerk off while I watch her pink wet cunt move up and down as she rocks her hips. I lick my lips, still tasting her sweetness on them and grunt as my balls ache to empty inside her.

“Please,” she moans again, and this time she moves a hand between her legs and starts to rub her pussy.

I growl because that pussy is mine, and I’m the one who gives it pleasure. She doesn’t need to do that, not while I’m living and breathing.

Grabbing her wrist, I pull her hand away and then bring her fingers to my mouth. I don’t break eye contact with her as I lick them off one by one. “If you want your pussy touched, you tell me. Got it?”

“I need you, Beau,” she whispers, and I nod.

I pull her hips to the edge of the couch so her ass is hanging off a little, and I kneel in front of her. Holding my cock with one hand and her hip with the other, I slowly slide her wet pussy down on my length.

The sight of her little pink pussy taking my long, thick cock is pornographic. It looks like there’s no way she’ll be able to take even an inch, but slowly she wiggles her way down the tip and onto the first inch.

She hisses at the bite of pain when I feel her pussy pop around my cock. I take my hand off my cock and move it to her clit. I pet it slowly as the tension in her body relaxes and her muscles ease.

“The worst is over,” I say, and sink a few more inches into her. “Now all you have to do is lie there and let me do all the work.”

Her blue eyes meet mine and she licks her lips as I slide her down the rest of the way. Her little pussy is so tight around my cock that it’s nearly choking me, but I don’t focus on that. Instead, I lean down so that her naked breasts are pressed against my chest and I can kiss her as we make love.

When I take her mouth, I can taste her pussy along with the strawberries and I moan at the flavor. Her body is wound tight and before I think she’s ready, she starts to move. The sensation of kissing her and the feel of her hard nipples against my chest, combined with her tight cunt working up and down my cock, it’s a death sentence for me.

I grab her hips to slow her down, but instead my inner beast demands I speed up. I’m possessed as I thrust into her in long, thick strokes. Her slick little cunt welcomes me home, and each time it’s tighter and hotter. I grunt with each thrust like an animal on top of her. But she’s saying my name and begging for more, and I’m a slave to her demands.

“Harder, Beau. Harder,” she cries out as her orgasm bears down on her.

I nearly black out at the filthy words that leave her innocent lips and do as she says. My cock is a machine made only to pleasure her, and I will not cum until she commands me to.

“I think, oh god, I’m cumming, Beau,” she gasps as she clings to me. “Cum with me.”

Those are the last words I hear before deafening echoes of pleasure roar in my ear. Whether it’s hers or my own, I won’t ever be sure, but I know that when I finally release inside of her body, my soul entwines with hers.

Chapter Eight


I watch Beau sleep and I can feel the goofy smile on my face. I swear my cheeks hurt from how much I’ve been doing that lately. And that’s not the only place that’s sore. I still feel the sweet ache between my legs from last night. It was more perfect than I could have ever imagined. Beau was perfect. For the first time since leaving school I feel calm and content. This is what I’ve been looking for.

In his sleep he looks more relaxed. His heavy breaths and weight on me let me know that he’s sleeping like a rock. I’m not surprised, because when I had to get up to pee this morning he didn’t wake up. Just wrapped me back up when I got back into bed.

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