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I fight back a groan when an image of her swollen with my child enters my mind. When the elevator opens we walk out and onto the busy sidewalk and I see my driver waiting.

I freeze when I hear a catcall. I turn to see two young men looking at Dove. My body goes rock solid and my vision goes red. The must feel my stare because their eyes come to mine. I go to take a step toward them and I watch their faces turn stark white.

Dove grabs a hold of me and I want to pull away, but I would never push her off me. The two boys take off running and I turn, grabbing Dove.

“We’ll reschedule,” I tell my dad and Jenna before grabbing my girl and throwing her over my shoulder. She lets out a squeak but doesn’t fight me. I stride back into our building and hit the elevator button. It opens immediately. The doors have barely closed and I have her pinned to the wall with my mouth on hers. I need to remind myself she’s mine so this jealousy that’s coursing through me gets under control.

She moans into my mouth, giving me what I want. She always has. She knows I need this, and like the perfect girl she is, she gives it to me without question. Her sweet innocence is always there. I’ll spend my life protecting it. Protecting her. Because without her I’m hollow inside. With her, I’m filled with love and light.

Maybe one day I’ll be worthy of her.



Wedding Day…

I stand in front of the mirror feeling like I’m in a fairy tale. My dress skirt is made of tulle and flows out all around me. The bodice is covered in light pink jewels, leaving my arms bare. The dress fits tight to my breasts, so I don’t have to wear a bra. Only a small portion of cleavage peeks out. I know that’s going to drive Beau crazy, but it only makes me smile.

He has done everything to make this day perfect for me. He even got my parents here somehow. They called me two days ago to let me know they would be attending. I wonder why they had a change of heart, but I have a feeling it has to do with Beau. Or maybe they finally put two and two together about who I was marrying.

When I’d first called them to tell them I was getting married it had not gone well. My father demanded I come home, while my mother sobbed. She sobbed harder when she found out I was already living with my fiancé. At the time I’d only given them his first name. Then the papers exploded with our engagement. Everything about me was out there for the world to see. My parents were always about appearances. I didn’t know which way they would go when they found out about Beau. They must have had a change of heart, because they’re here.

“Damn, you look good.” Tia stands behind me and I glance at her in the mirror. She helped me get into the dress to begin with. I love how much she’s been into helping me with the wedding. Without her, Jenna and Katie I’m not sure how we could have pulled this off so fast. Luckily we talked Beau into giving us a couple extra weeks. He only complied when I agreed to run to the courthouse and get married that day. No one knows about the secret wedding. I kinda like it that way. He somehow even got me a passport and new ID with his last name on it the day after that. He must have friends in high places.

“Thanks.” I beam. Tia has been Team Beau since he came pounding on our door that morning. Maybe a small part of that has to do with the fact that he’d bought the building we lived in, then gifted it to Tia as he had movers get all my belongings from there. He told her it was a gift for keeping me safe after I left my parents’ house. I rolled my eyes, but inside I was a pile of goo. Beau has that effect on me. I don’t understand how people could ever call him cold, but maybe only I get this side of him.

The door opens and I watch Jenna slip in. The dress she’s wearing matches Tia’s. Pinks and reds are my wedding colors, and the two of them are my only bridesmaids. While the dresses have the same design, they’re each a different color. I couldn’t help myself and gave Tia the pink one and that left Jenna with the red one. Oddly, Tia’s goth makeup looks good with pink.

“Did you bring it?” I ask Jenna. She reaches into her purse and pulls out the pregnancy test. Butterflies take flight in my stomach at the sight of it. I had a feeling I might be pregnant the other day. I felt a little lightheaded and my breasts hurt. Then this morning I threw up. Beau lost it a little, wanting to call off the wedding and make me stay in bed all day. It took some time to calm him down. I felt fine after throwing up and I was not canceling this wedding. I was way too excited to celebrate that Beau and I were together. I also hoped that everyone would get to see a different side to him. I didn’t like that people thought my loving husband was cold when he was anything but that. A man who has done the things he’s done to have me and make me happy can’t be cold. I just won’t believe it.

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