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The trainer nods at me. I turn back when I hear the music start. I take a deep breath before I go out the door, the puppies trailing behind me. My eyes go straight to Beau. The look on his face makes me pause for a moment, wanting to take it all in. Love and possession fill his eyes. He goes to step toward me, but his father stops him by putting his hand on his arm. I fight back a giggle as I make my way toward him. Red and pink roses are everywhere. Nothing seems to be untouched by them. When I’m within arm’s reach, he pulls me to him, taking my mouth in a deep kiss. I get lost in him, and once again everything melts away.

“Let her breathe!” I hear Tia shout, making me laugh as I pull back from him.

I barely hear the reverend or remember saying my vows before Beau is told to kiss me again. He does. Excited cheers ring out, but this time when I pull back from him I bring my lips to his ear.

“You’re not just a husband, you’re going to be a father, too.” I feel Beau’s whole body go rock solid. The grip he has on my hips tightens for a moment and then I’m in the air. He lifts me into his arms, and I see tears in his eyes.

“She told him,” I hear Tia say from somewhere beside me.

Before I know what’s happening, Beau is carrying me down the aisle.

“All right, folks, let’s head to the reception and go ahead and eat. I have a feeling the bride and groom won’t be joining us for a while,” Tia shouts over the music.

My eyes go to my parents, who I somehow forgot were here, and my cheeks flush. I bury my face in Beau’s neck to try to hide my embarrassment.

“Do you have an after-the-wedding dress? Something you were going to put on for the reception?” Beau asks me.

“Yeah,” I answer, but I don’t understand why he’s asking me that.

I hear the sound of a door being kicked closed and my back hits a soft mattress.

“Good,” is all he says before the dress is ripped from the body. The sound of tearing fabric fills the room and my breaths come out heavy.

His eyes roam over my body and I bite my lip. I’m not wearing any panties and I’m completely naked except for a pair of white Converse I had on with my dress. I decorated them with some jewels and put lace in place of shoes strings. I wanted my feet to be comfortable because I had plans of dancing with my husband tonight.

“How do your sneakers always turn me on so fucking much?” I know it’s a question, but I don’t think he’s looking for an answer right now.

Beau comes down over me, his big body covering mine, and I wrap my arms around his neck.

“I knew the moment I saw you that you’d belong to me in every way.” He kisses me deep, but it’s soft and filled with so much love, my eyes tear up.

“There’s something I’ve been wanting to do.” He leans back onto his knees, going for his belt. He unbuttons his pants and pulls himself free. He strokes his cock as he looks down at me.

“This is going to be quick because I know how much time you spent planning this wedding and I want you to have this, but I need to take the edge off.”

“I don’t care. Take me.” I don’t even recognize my own voice. I need him inside me. Now. All thoughts of the wedding have left my mind.

Beau’s hands go to my hips as he thrusts inside me. He pulls me onto his cock as he moves back and forth, thrusting in and out of me.

“Touch yourself,” he growls, and I do as he commands. My sneakers dig into his back as I wrap my legs around him. One hand goes to my clit, the other to my breast. His eyes roam over my body as he drives me closer to my orgasm. I swear I can feel the possessive touch of his eyes as they move over me as if they were his hands.

“Beau,” I moan as my back arches off the bed, the orgasm barreling down on me before it’s shooting through my body. I hear him grunt as he wrings out my pleasure, soaking it all in. My body goes lax, but Beau keeps pumping inside of me.

He pulls out, taking his cock in his hand, and it’s then I realize he’s still fully dressed. He pumps his cock in his hand three times before cum is shooting out and landing on my belly. His eyes lock there as he pumps out every drop of cum he can.

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