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“Never mind,” I tell the hostess without looking back at her. I pull my girl from the restaurant. I hear the hostess call my name, trying to stop us from leaving, likely thinking she might get in trouble with the manager.

“We’ll find somewhere else to eat and then I’m taking you dancing.” Dove loves to dance. She does it all around the house. I love watching her do it. We’ve never gone out to dance before, other than the frequent events and charity dinners we’ve had to go to.

She pulls at my arm again right before we make it to the car. The driver hops out, but I hold my hand up to him to let him know I’ve got the door. He slides back into the driver seat.

“Can we just go home? It’s Tuesday. We can make tacos.” We always make tacos on Tuesday together. It’s fun for us with to do with the boys.

“It’s Valentine’s Day,” I tell her, even though I love her idea.

“I know, and nothing would make it more perfect than being home with my boys, making dinner together and decorating those cookies.” She wraps her arms around my neck, getting up on her tiptoes. “Then we can dance the night away, working the sugar out of their system so they crash hard. Then…” She stops, letting her words trail off.

“Then we can work on making that baby girl?”

“Hmm.” She moans before placing a kiss on my lips.

“Sounds perfect.”

I gave her everything she wanted that night, and every night to follow. Barely nine months later, our baby girl Valentine entered the world, making our family complete.


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