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With my little sunshine, though, I always make sure I smile. I don’t want to scare her off or seem intimidating. I also want to tell Samuel to stay the fuck away from her, but I can’t. He’s the one watching her when I’m unable to.

“Sir?” He must feel the tension in the elevator.

“She’s mine.” I glance over at him. A possessiveness like I’ve never felt slides through my body. It’s always that way with her. Fuck, I need her.

He gives a sharp nod. “I know, sir. I’ve also made that clear to Quinn.”

I feel a little bit of tension leave my muscles. Quinn is the guard tailing her now. This is the first time I ever thought about what my security people really looked like. I’ve never thought about women’s responses to them because I don’t give a shit what they look like as long as they do their jobs. And I don’t care about women unless they’re on the other side of my desk and I’m taking their case.

I have a very strict policy about anyone working for me hooking up with clients. I put stringent policies in place because of my father. The law firm learned that lesson the hard way, and it’s something that will never be repeated.

When the elevator opens I’m on the move again, my blood pumping harder with every step that closes the distance between us. When I turn the corner, I push my way into the coffee shop. Samuel keeps his distance and waits outside as instructed. I glance down at my phone to see if I have a text about Dove’s ETA, but there’s nothing. I go ahead and order my coffee and then I get hers, which I’ve done the last few times.

Her cheeks always turn pink when I hand it to her. She keeps saying she’s going to beat me here one day and get mine for me. I think that was her goal today because she’s running early. Little does she know, I’m informed the second she steps out of her apartment.

I’ve thought about calling in a few favors and getting her phone hacked so I could always know where she is, but I changed my mind. It seemed like crossing a line. Besides, there’s really not a point in the day when I don’t know where she is.

I glance at my watch. She should be here by now. She doesn’t live far from here.

They call my name and I go up and grab our cups. I pull a pen out and write on hers like I have for the past three days. She doesn’t seem to notice. Or she’s ignoring it. Either way it’s driving me fucking nuts.

I’m used to taking what I want. I go at it with full force until I have it. With her, though, I worry it will scare her off. She’s soft and delicate. Light pours from her and I don’t want my brute force messing that up. I like her how she is. I don’t want to dampen her bright spirit, so I put on my smiles and hold myself back from snatching her up and locking her away in my penthouse. It’s the single hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life, but she’s worth it. She’s worth everything.

I pull out my phone and text Quinn.

Me: Where is she?

Quinn: Sorry, sir, she got distracted by puppies in the pet store window.

I have to fight a smile at that. God, could she be more adorable? Maybe I should get a puppy? I make a mental note and read the next text.

Quinn: She’s on the move. ETA 3 minutes.

My stomach clenches with anticipation, and my palms sweat. God, why do I lose all my sense with her? Need for her is burning in my chest, but that’s nothing compared to what’s happening in my slacks. Not only do I want to possess her soul, but I want to own her body. I’ve never felt this primal pull, but suddenly I need to stamp out my name inside her pussy. My cock starts to harden and I adjust myself the best I can without anyone noticing. I take a deep breath and try to get this wild beast in my body under control.

The bell to the door chimes and I look up. I freeze when I see her. Her bright blue eyes find me and the smile on her face stretches from ear to ear. As she walks over, her blonde hair flows around her like a halo, and I’m reminded of why she’s my little sunshine. My jaw clenches when I see her dress today. She’s always in dresses, but today it’s shorter than normal.

“You beat me,” she says playfully as she comes to a stop in front of me. She has to tilt her head back to look up at me, but I don’t mind. It gives me a view of her creamy skin down her neck and between her breasts. My eyes trail back up and all over her face, drinking her in. I take a deep breath, trying to catch the strawberry scent that’s always following her around.

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