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He’s working on wife number six at the moment. I hope this one sticks. I actually like her. She’s only fifteen years younger than him and doesn’t seem to be after his money since she has her own. I’m not really sure how he even landed her to begin with, but they seem to be in love.

That reminds me I’m supposed to have dinner with them tonight. “Cancel dinner with my father,” I tell Katie.

“It’s your father, you should cancel yourself,” she says back in her motherly tone.

“You do it, or I’ll have Carrie do it.” I don’t have to look up from the file I’m going over to know she’s giving me a death glare. A beat passes and I hear my office door shut.

I make a few changes to the files before telling Katie to send in Mrs. Barton. I really don’t feel like going to court today. My head isn’t in the game. Instead it’s on a little blonde with bright blue eyes, soft pink lips, and hair that smells like strawberries.

God, I wanted to kiss her this morning, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to control myself. The first touch would have had her pinned to the floor with me on top of her. All this control I’ve been holding back would have snapped, and I wouldn’t have been able to let her go. I’ve never felt so possessive of someone before, and it’s driving me mad.

I know she would have let me kiss her. It was in her eyes and the way she was trying to press her body against mine. Her mouth was begging for it, and her breathing was heavy with lust. As much as I loved that look on her face and how hard she made me, I had to find my control. I can’t stand the idea of people around us seeing her horny. I was already dripping cum and I wasn’t about to let everyone in that place see her doing the same. It took everything in me to step away from her.

I glance at the clock and remind myself in a few hours I’ll be with her again. And this time I’m not letting her get away. There isn’t another option or I’ll lose my fucking mind. I need to mark her as mine or I’m going to come out of my skin. Every thought I have is filled with her, and this beastly desire is driving me to ravage her.

“Beau,” Mrs. Barton says in a sugary sweet voice.

I stand from my chair, trying to clear my thoughts as she comes over toward me. She’s coming in for a hug and a double cheek kiss. I can’t handle it today and I extended my hand for a shake to stop her, unable to stand the thought of her touching me. Right now, I’m filled with the memory of my sunshine’s sweet scent and I don’t want this woman’s perfume to invade that.

She rolls her eyes at me but takes my hand and shakes it. “Always so formal,” she huffs before taking her seat. I take mine across from her, putting some distance between us.

“I told you to dress like you were going to church.” My tone is bored but firm.

“Sorry, I don’t own anything like that.” She smirks before shooting me a wink. I bring my fingers to my temples and press them, questioning why I became a divorce lawyer.

“Lucky for you, I’m prepared,” I say, letting out a sigh. We keep a closet of women’s suit jackets and other pieces of clothing just for moments like this. Eighty percent of my clients are women. I won a giant divorce settlement for a woman my first year out of law school and now every woman wanting to divorce their husband thinks I’m the man to go to. Maybe I am because I’m good at it, but it’s not doing my soul any favors.

“I love having my own personal Boy Scout saving the day.” She moves to the edge of her seat and leans forward, trying to give me an eyeful of her cleavage. I have to fight the urge to say something snide. Sadly I’m used to this kind of behavior.

“I sent over another offer,” I tell her. “If they don’t take it in the next…” I glance at the clock on my computer. “…Twenty minutes we’ll go straight to the court house.” She gives me a pout, and I have no fucking clue why. “Let’s go over a few things.”

“We’ve gone over everything. I’m sick of talking about it. Let’s talk about something more interesting. Like…” The pout is gone and a sinister smile spreads on her lips. How did her husband fall for this shit?

My mind flashes to my blonde ray of sunshine. I’d fall for anything when it comes to her.

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