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I’ve been drowning myself in more work to try and free myself from all these overwhelming urges. It’s my only option until I can have her in my arms. Permanently.

I’m thankful that Mrs. Barton’s husband settled, because that’s one less thing I have to worry about. I passed the case over to be finished by a paralegal on my team because I wanted her out of my space as soon as possible. Divorce law has started to wear me down. I used to love my job, but I’ve lost the passion for it lately.

My mind floats back to Dove. Just the thought of her can somehow make everything okay. I need her more than she’ll ever know. She’s the light that takes away the darkness that’s closing in on me lately.

I click on my emails and let myself fall back into work as much as I can. My eyes go to the clock almost every ten minutes, and I can’t force myself to stop. It’s dragging on and I try not to pace, but I’m going to explode. When I see it’s four o’clock I’m out of my chair and heading for the door. Time be damned.

When I walk out Katie hands me my suit jacket. “Let’s call it a day,” I tell her. She gives me a knowing smile but doesn’t call me out for leaving early, which is something I’ve never done in my life.

Samuel is moving as I make my way toward the elevator. “Hang back when I get to her. I’m taking her home with me. We won’t be leaving again after that.”

“Yes, sir.”

It doesn’t take me long before I’m outside the florist shop. I’m early, but I literally can’t be still right now. Once I’m there, my jaw clenches when I see her through the window. She’s laughing at something the delivery boy said.

I take a deep breath, getting myself under control. I don’t want to go in with a pissed off look on my face, but I nearly lose my cool when I see his eyes go to her legs. Yeah, I’m going to have to do something about him.

I push into the store even though I’m early. I don’t care. I’ll watch her work if I need to. I want to be close to her. I have to. Everything inside me is pulling me to her, and I can’t stop it.

Her eyes come to me when a bell sounds as I enter. She smiles and it lights up her face. She takes me by surprise when she half-runs at me and does a cute little hop and lands in my arms. I pull her into me, smelling her sweet scent and enjoying the feeling of her pressed against me. Her feet dangle a few inches off the ground, and my heart feels like it’s going to burst from my chest.

I give the little shit the death glare over her shoulder. The woman who owns the shop, Sue, fights a smile, not missing what I did. I’m thankful she finds it funny.

“I’ve been so excited all day,” Dove says. “I’m probably not supposed to tell you that, right? I’m supposed to be playing it cool.” She pulls back to look at me, and like always her cheeks are a soft pink that’s becoming my favorite color.

“No, sunshine. You tell me whatever pops in that pretty head of yours. I want to hear it.” She bites her lip at my words. “I’m not much better. If you haven’t noticed I’m early. I couldn’t wait any longer.”

She releases her lip, and I can’t pull my eyes away from her mouth. I have to get us out of here to somewhere private.

“You two love birds go ahead.” I look at Sue, who has Dove’s purse in her hand. I put Dove back on her feet and she lets the arms she had locked around my neck slide away as she takes her purse.

I grab her other hand, pulling her from the florist shop as she says goodbye to everyone over her shoulder. I open the back car door, not waiting for my driver, and help her inside.

“Oh.” She look around inside the town car as I close the door behind me and the driver pulls away from the curb.

“Home,” I tell him, then hit the button to raise the glass partition between us.

“Home?” she asks. “As in, your home?” Her hands are in her lap, and she twists her fingers. Her nervousness is clear.

“Yes, my home.” I run my arm behind her back and pull her into my lap slowly and gently. I can’t stop my eyes from going to her legs. Her dress has ridden up and I get a glimpse of her cherry-red panties. Everything in my body goes rigid at the sight and I can feel my length pressing against her ass. It’s begging her to spread those thighs and show me if her panties are wet. Dove lets out a little gasp and her hands come to rest on my chest.

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