When her eyes opened, he could see the question in her eyes. Instead of explaining, he moved her, corralling her toward the wall that had the towel bar built into it.

Lifting both of her arms, he placed both of her hands on the bar, until she understood what he wanted. When she gripped the bar, he gave her an approving grin.

“Don’t move your hands from that bar.” He ordered, then returned to manipulating her breasts with his hands.

Sam glanced over at Luke, then back to Logan. “Right now, he’s just going to watch. You like being watched don’t you? It makes you so fucking hot to know one of us is getting off just watching you.”

Sam nodded her agreement, making Logan squeeze her nipple harder. He was dying to taste her, to run his tongue over her entire body, lapping up the water as it sluiced over her. “Don’t nod your head. Answer me.”


“Yes, what?” Logan asked, wanting to hear her say it.

“Yes, I like being watched.” Sam stuttered, her green eyes wide, her lips parted slightly as he continued to fondle her breasts.

“How does it make you feel when we watch you?” He asked, leaning forward so his mouth was close to her ear.


Logan angled himself so some of the water would spray directly on her chest, keeping her warm, though with twenty seven shower jets strategically placed throughout the walk in shower, two rain shower heads in the ceiling, and one hand held shower sprayer, there weren’t many places not getting sprayed at the moment.

“This time Luke’s going to watch while I lick your beautiful pussy.” Logan said, grabbing the shower sprayer from its place on the wall, lowering it to the floor beside them. Sam followed his movements with her eyes, but she didn’t remove her hands from the towel bar.

Luke moved to the opposite wall, leaning on the tile, his eyes glued to the place where Logan intended to move to next.

Before he lowered himself to his knees, he lowered his head to her right breast and sucked her completely into his mouth. Laving her nipple with his tongue, Logan let her moans vibrate through him. When she gyrated her hips, he bit down on her nipple with his teeth, hard enough to get her attention, but not enough to physically hurt her. Logan wasn’t into pain, but he wasn’t past inflicting a little if it brought her pleasure, which he knew it did.

Releasing her breast, he lowered himself to the floor, the hard ground biting into his knees, but what was directly in front of him deflected his attention from the discomfort. Spreading her labia, swollen from her excitement, Logan opened her for his eyes.

He knew Luke would position himself so he could see everything that was going on; making it clear to Sam what brought him the most pleasure.

“Lift your leg.” Logan directed, waiting for Luke to come forward to help her. It wasn’t that they planned out any of their activities, but both of them knew what it took to please a woman, and with Sam, it was clear what she liked.

Luke came forward, taking Sam’s leg in his hand, holding her foot so she could widen her stance, offering Logan an unobstructed view of her beautiful pussy. God she was so hot, her clit protruding, begging for his touch.

Logan leaned forward, sliding his tongue through her slit, lightly grazing her clit. He wouldn’t give her what she wanted just yet. What was the fun in that?

“Does that feel good, Sam?” Luke asked, his tone just as demanding as Logan’s.


“What do you want him to do?”

“Lick me.” She groaned, her voice muffled as she tossed her head to the side as Logan added more pressure with his tongue.


“My clit.” She said, her breaths short and sporadic. “Please. Lick my clit.”

Logan did as she asked, sliding his tongue over the engorged bundle of nerves, flicking roughly before sucking her clit and rolling his tongue over it.

“Oh, God, yes!” She moaned, her legs giving beneath her.

Luke quickly rectified the problem by squeezing in behind her, putting her body between him and Logan, causing Logan to move back, never releasing her clit from his mouth.

“Put your hands around my neck.” Luke ordered.

Logan glanced up her body, their eyes connecting, her arms up above her, while Luke held her around the middle, one hand holding her leg up so she was wide open, offering her the support she needed so Logan could drive two fingers inside of her.

“That’s it, baby.” Luke spurred her on. “He’s fucking you with his fingers, sucking your clit. It’s so fucking hot to watch you get off. You’re going to come, aren’t you?”

“Yes! Please. I want to come.”

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