Logan deliberately slowed his movements. He’d let her come, but not quite yet. Picking up the shower head, he held the nozzle so a stream of water was directly on her clit, his fingers still buried inside of her.

With a perfect view of her being held open to him, her breasts high, her nipples pebbled, Logan divided his attention between her heaving breaths and her pussy.

“Come for us, Sam.” Luke instructed, and Sam screamed as she let go, her body convulsing around Logan’s fingers, her clit pulsing as the water continued to spray over her.

Logan forced himself up off of the floor, leaving the shower head on the ground. Luke remained behind her while Logan pressed against her front, sandwiching her between them, similar to the way they had the night before when Logan had taken her ass. The memory had his dick twitching, and he thought he might just come from the thought.

For the first time since they entered the shower, Logan pressed his lips to hers, his tongue seeking the soft, sweet depths of her mouth. He licked her lower lip, her teeth, and then finally thrust his tongue in her mouth, mating with hers.

Pulling back quickly, not wanting to wait any longer, Logan pulled her arms from around Luke’s neck, putting his hand on her shoulder, and gently nudging her down.

“On your knees.” He demanded, holding back the grin as she did exactly as he told her. God he loved this woman. She was so responsive, so open to trying new things and as far as Logan was concerned, there were so many things he wanted to try with her. “I want you to suck my cock.”

When Sam got to her knees, Logan turned her head toward him so he could push his cock inside her mouth. While he did that, Luke took her hand and placed it on his own erection, using his hand to guide hers in stroking him.

Logan never took his eyes from Sam’s mouth as it encircled him, her tongue doing wicked things to him. Her mouth was like a furnace, bathing him in sweet, soft heat.

“Good girl.” He turned her head more so he could angle directly into her mouth, gripping her head gently in his hands, holding her still so he could press further. “Relax your throat. I want to see how far you can take me.”

Sam had given him enough blow jobs for Logan to know how far he could push her. From her own words, she liked sucking him and watching her do it was incredible.

“Oh, damn, baby, that’s so fucking good.”

Pulling back, Logan let her breath deeply, then pushed inside of her mouth once more. She applied more suction, causing Logan’s balls to tighten. She was trying to make him come, and he didn’t want to wait. Pulling back once more, Logan gripped her head in both hands, then began to slowly fuck her mouth, increasing his thrusts, his entire focus on the wet heat that engulfed him.

“I’m going to come, Sam. I’m going to come down your throat, and I want you to take every last drop.” He ordered.

The way she reacted to his words told him she liked when he told her what he wanted.

She used her other hand to encircle his cock, using it to stroke him tightly while her mouth continued to apply the most spectacular suction.

“That’s it, baby. Fuck, yes.” He groaned his release, his cock twitching as he flooded her mouth. She stared up at him, a heated look in her eyes.

“Stand up.” Logan ordered, keeping her off guard. He wasn’t letting this play out as long as he had the night before. He was strung so tight, his body sated, but their play wasn’t over.

She still needed something and Logan was going to make sure she got what she needed. He moved over to the tiled ledge that doubled as a seat in the shower, taking a seat with his back against the wall.

“Come here.” She walked slowly to him, but she didn’t hesitate, which earned her a small grin. “I want you to lean over me, placing your hands on my shoulders.”

Sam wasn’t tall, especially not compared to him, or Luke, so when she leaned over, her breasts came right to his mouth, her pussy within arm’s reach. For what he had in mind, he needed to be able to reach her. Luke disappeared momentarily, returning with a bottle of lubricant, the waterproof pink vibrator, and a condom, but Sam never took her eyes off of Logan.

“Kiss me.”

And boy did she. Sam ate at his mouth with a vengeance, Logan holding her hips as she leaned over him. This time he was the one looking up at her as she hovered above him. Their mouths mated, his cock once again semi hard. After all they’d done last night, and that morning, Logan knew he wouldn’t be getting hard any more right now, but Sam wasn’t finished. He knew she needed to be fucked, and Luke was preparing to do exactly that.

Logan took the pink vibrator from Luke, thumbing the controls, then placed it on Sam’s clit, her body jerking upon contact.

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