“Luke wants to fuck your sweet ass, while I fuck you with your vibrator.” Logan told her, wanting to make sure she understood what was about to happen. He wasn’t willing to surprise her in cases like this. After all, this was all about her, and if Sam was averse to doing it, they’d stop.

When she crushed her mouth down on his, Logan took that as her approval. A slight nod of his head gave Luke the go ahead. But, he had to break the kiss, needing to see her, to watch her reaction.

“Spread your legs further apart.” Luke instructed.

Logan couldn’t see what his brother was doing, but he didn’t have to. Logan pulled Sam’s hip so she took one step closer, giving him better access as he slid the pink toy over her slit, the vibration set on low. He wanted to heat her up, not get her off just yet.

Using only the tip of the vibrator, he rubbed against her clit, her hands tightening on his shoulders, her fingernails biting into his skin.

When her expression changed, Logan knew Luke was preparing her. Her head hung lower as she pushed backward, her legs spreading to give Luke better access.

“You like having your ass fucked, don’t you, baby?” Logan asked, keeping her attention on him. Her ass was so tight, and though Logan had fucked her the night before, she’d required a lot of preparation to get there. They didn’t want to hurt her.

“Yes.” The word choked out of her, but she pressed further back toward Luke.

When Luke’s hands gripped her hips, Logan knew his brother was buried deep inside of her. Luke’s groans told the story, and Logan remembered the way her ass had choked his cock, making it nearly impossible to move.

“Look at me, Sam.” Logan told her, looking up into her eyes as he aligned the vibrator with her tight entrance. Turning his wrist, he pressed until the tip slid inside of her, thumbing the controls again to set the vibrations to high. “You’re so beautiful.”

When Luke started moving, thrusting slowly at first, then faster, Logan mirrored his movements, burying the pink toy deeper, pulling back, until Sam’s body was doing all of the work, rocking back onto Luke’s cock, and then forward to bury the toy inside of her.

Logan couldn’t help it, he reached down and stroked his cock, the damn thing was hard again, and he didn’t know how that was possible.

“Logan!” Sam screamed his name, continuing to thrust back, then forward, her body filled to overflowing.

“Come for me, baby. Come for me while Luke’s fucking your sweet ass.”

Luke’s grunts turned into a groan of release as he stilled, Sam still pushing harder. Logan increased the thrusts of the toy while he stroked his cock faster, until Sam screamed his name again, her body convulsing, his dick twitching, come spewing upward, landing on her stomach, Sam’s mouth crushing down on his once again.

Chapter Twenty Eight

Two weeks later, Sam was sitting in Xavier Thomas’ outer office, waiting on Alex McDermott’s arrival. After the episode with Logan and Luke in his shower, one of the hottest days she’d ever experienced, Sam had taken two weeks to make a decision. Much to Logan’s disapproval, she had done so by taking two weeks of vacation and going back to San Antonio to visit her parents.

After she’d been so easily seduced by both Logan and Luke, after having been overwhelmed with confusion on what she should do next, Sam knew her only choice was to put some distance between them.

He’d been pissed. More than pissed.

She hadn’t cared at the time, although two days into her fourteen day getaway, Sam worried she might have put a rift between them that couldn’t be fixed.

She still didn’t know if that was possible, but regardless where she and Logan stood, she wanted to speak to Xavier and Alex without Logan’s interference.

Understanding had finally replaced her original disbelief that Xavier would want him to deliver their offer of employment with another company. Despite the fact that they were frolicking like teenagers, engaging in sex acts that you only read about, Sam accepted that Logan was her boss.

A chill slipped down her spine at the thought. Logan was her boss in so many ways, her body having decided that when he gave her an order, she responded eagerly.

Shaking off the naughty thought, Sam glanced at Veronica, Xavier’s exotically beautiful, executive admin. She was talking on the phone, her words kind, yet formal, as she informed the caller that Mr. Thomas was not in the office, and she would have to take a message. Sam grinned, understanding the little white lies an assistant often had to rely on when their boss didn’t want to be bothered.

Since her meeting with Xavier was scheduled for nine o’clock, and she still had five minutes to wait, Sam realized Veronica was merely being respectful of time. With a flick of her wrist, Veronica disconnected the call, pulled the headset off of her head and turned her attention to Sam.

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