Before she could speak, Xavier said, “And, if you choose not to accept either of those, we would have to be forced to terminate your employment. Don’t misunderstand. That’s the absolute last thing we want, Sam.

“This situation has come as a complete, though not unpleasant surprise, if you want to know the truth. As I’ve told Logan, I’m happy that he’s found someone that makes him happy, but I can’t let this interrupt my business. Even if the issues hadn’t been raised, I can’t say I could have let this continue. Alex pegged it earlier when he said this is a conflict of interest. I’m hoping that by doing this, we can protect you and Logan both, as well as XTX in general.”

Sam again nodded her understanding. When he put it that way, it made perfect sense. She wanted to work for XTX. She loved her job, liked the people and ultimately wasn’t ready for it to be over. As generous as they were in offering her the position, Sam couldn’t find it in herself to refuse.

“Thank you for the offer, and thank you for allowing me the time to contemplate my next step. I know that you have both gone out of your way to come up with this, and for that, I am truly grateful. I have enjoyed my tenure at XTX immensely. I got my start here, and I’d be more than honored to have the opportunity to continue working for this company, regardless of the logistics.” Sam stated firmly, trying to hold back the tears. Although this was a new beginning, she couldn’t help but feel as though it were an ending just the same.

“Does that mean you’re accepting the position?” Alex asked.

“Yes, that’s what I’m saying. I would very much like to accept your offer, Alex.” With that, Sam leaned forward, meeting the outstretched hand Alex offered, shaking on the deal. He once again smiled, making Sam wonder if he didn’t know something more.


Logan knew Sam was in the office, he even knew she was meeting with Alex and Xavier at that exact moment. Sitting in one of his many Monday morning meetings, he was doing his level best to pay attention to Larry as the man rambled on and on about something or another. Logan could care less at that very moment. Which, he acknowledged, was highly unprofessional.

His mind was on the fact that Sam had spent the last two weeks avoiding him like the plague. She’d put roughly three hundred miles between them while she took time to think about what she planned to do next.

That didn’t sit well with Logan, but she hadn’t listened to him when he’d attempted to talk her out of it. Instead, Sam had hightailed it out of Dallas, leaving Logan to sit and worry for fourteen whole days.

Worse than that, she hadn’t even bothered to call him when she got back in town the night before. Hell, she hadn’t called him at all for two fucking weeks. The only communication they had was through the few texts he’d sent to her; trying to make sure she was ok. Her one or two word responses hadn’t been what he wanted, but then again, he didn’t have much of a say in the matter. Sam had made sure of it.

The only thing Logan did know at this point was that Samantha Kielty had become his one and only weakness. She somehow managed to sneak her way past his defenses, into his heart, and now she was the one calling the shots. That definitely didn’t work for him.

Although, Logan thought when he’d taken her in his shower the day she’d chosen to take a walk to clear her mind, rather than talk it out with him, they’d come to an understanding.

Logan understood all right. He understood that Sam was scared shitless. How did he know this? He knew her, that’s how.

Sam was a sexy, sensual woman and the depths of her desire ran deep. She liked the darker side of her sexuality, and she’d met her match with Logan. She might be trying to run away, but Logan didn’t back off easily. When he wanted something, he went after it.

Apparently he needed to step up his game. He’d had the last two weeks to think about exactly how he would do it too. Sam might have the illusion she could run from him, and he would just sit back and wait for her to make up her mind. That was so far from fact, Logan smiled at the thought. He might be biding his time, but it wouldn’t last much longer.

“Does anyone have any questions?” Larry asked, obviously finished with his presentation.

“When are we going to have a happy hour to celebrate?” Jill Baker, one of Larry’s direct reports asked eagerly.

It was standard procedure for the team to get together and celebrate the small victories with a happy hour every now and then.

The room erupted in eager conversations about when and where they would meet. From what Logan gathered, they’d be getting together that evening at the place they frequented often. Pushing out of his chair, Logan answered someone’s question on whether or not he would attend. Of course he would be there, he assured them. Wouldn’t miss it.