Waiting for the room to clear out enough that he could get around the long, dark wood table, Logan noticed Abigail and Tricia Shoenrock chatting it up at the table. Apparently the two women didn’t realize he was still in the room. If they had, he was pretty sure they wouldn’t have wanted him to hear what they were saying.

“Don’t worry. I think we’re about to have more to celebrate than Larry’s project launching. I heard their firing Samantha, and you’re a shoe in for her position. Just have some patience.” Abigail assured the younger woman.

Clearing his throat as he walked out of the room, he didn’t bother looking back. Abigail’s sudden gasp told him that she saw him. That’s all he cared about.

To his knowledge, Sam was nowhere close to being fired, but he didn’t feel the need to share that with Abigail. The woman was digging her own grave if she thought making promises she couldn’t keep was appropriate V.P. behavior.

Manipulative and vindictive behavior was frowned upon at XTX, and Logan wasn’t above addressing the situation with Abigail the next time they saw each other. He wouldn’t, however, address her in front of Tricia.

More importantly, he wanted to find out what exactly was going on in Xavier’s office. Sam might think she could avoid him forever, but she would soon learn a valuable lesson.

She might own him, heart and soul, and she might doubt every word he’d ever told her, but Logan didn’t say things he didn’t mean and he damn sure didn’t tell a woman he loved her without expecting her to give him the respect he was due.

He understood insecurities, knew Samantha was plagued with them, but that didn’t make what she was doing right. She knew him well enough to know that he could only be pushed so far. And tonight, she’d learn just how far he could be pushed… before he pushed back.

Chapter Twenty Nine

Sam spent the afternoon in various meetings, one with human resources at XTX, the other with human resources at CISS – Alex. During both meetings, they discussed the terms of her termination agreement, as well as the terms of her new employment agreement.

She’d managed to avoid Logan for the better part of the day, only running into him once during the early afternoon. He hadn’t approached her, but the look of lustful promise on his face had been unmistakable, followed by the sinful, knowing grin he’d shot in her direction.

Seeing him had brought back all of the feelings she’d pushed aside for the most part over the last two weeks. During the time she spent at her parents, Sam had rationalized her behavior, only to wind up feeling an overwhelming sense of shame. She didn’t even recognize the woman she was when she was with Logan. Samantha Kielty didn’t have raunchy, mind blowing sex with two men, letting them do unthinkable things to her.

But, no matter how she tried to convince herself that she had a lapse in judgment, not to mention sanity, Sam still came back to the inevitable. She loved Logan McCoy. She trusted him with her heart and her soul, no matter her behavior when they were alone.

The memories played on constant repeat, her body flushing with the need only Logan instilled in her. She wanted him. But, she wanted him on her terms.

They were responsible, career minded, successful adults, who should not be indulging in such lewd behavior.

Oh, who the hell was she kidding?

Sam kicked off her heels, shutting her front door behind her, as she stepped inside her darkened apartment. She’d stayed at the office longer than she planned, but she had needed to talk to Xavier one more time. They’d discussed exactly how the transition would take place, and the communication that would go out.

There was a rumor running around the office that Sam was being terminated, a rumor, according to Tricia Shoenrock, that even Logan hadn’t denied. Sam highly doubted that, but she hadn’t given in to the gossip. No sense in drawing attention to the situation.

She pulled the clip from her hair, letting the long strands fall around her, feeling the relief on her scalp. Tossing the clip on the counter, Sam turned to go to her bedroom, but she stopped short.

“I wondered how long you would try to avoid me.” His velvety drawl coursed through her, sending chills down her spine.

“How?” She couldn’t get out much more than that as she stared at Logan, sitting on her couch, looking as though he owned the place.

How the hell had he gotten in?

“You gave me a key, remember?”

She had. A few weeks ago, he’d had to run by her apartment to get something for her when she was working. She’d given him her spare house key, and come to think of it, he never gave it back.

“Go change.” He ordered, and she swallowed hard.

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