Hadn’t she just had this conversation with herself? She’d vowed to move this relationship to the next level, but she had agreed under the terms that she would no longer succumb to Logan’s alpha male tactics. Her body betrayed her decision as a tingly warmth flowed just beneath her skin.

“I’m not taking orders from you anymore.” She stated, not feeling nearly as confident in her decision now that she was standing in front of him.

Even sitting on her couch, looking as laid back as she had ever seen him, Logan McCoy’s presence overpowered the small room. Confident or arrogant, either way she sliced it, when Logan made demands, something inside of her wanted to listen.

She couldn’t listen to that part of herself anymore. This wasn’t who she was. Wasn’t who she wanted to be.

Was it?

“Is that right?” He asked, slowly pushing to his full height, making Sam look up at him, the brilliant amber-green of his hazel eyes glowing in the dimly lit room.

“That’s correct.” Sam reached deep for some of her well-honed professionalism; using it to drown out the voice in her head screaming for her to surrender to his every command.

“What changed?”

Sam heard the question, but Logan didn’t appear to care what her answer was. For some reason, she got the impression that he was pushing her, tempting that dark side she’d sworn off two weeks ago.

After their tryst in the shower, when Luke had taken her so intimately, satisfaction surging through her, ricocheting off of every nerve ending, every molecule she possessed, while Logan whispered suggestive words in her ear, Sam had known she couldn’t handle what the two men had to offer. What would others think if they found out? She’d be ridiculed. It wasn’t normal behavior, she told herself.


“You might want to elaborate.” He told her, standing only inches away, his masculine body a tempting sight in his well-worn Levi’s and forest green polo shirt that brought out the green hues in his eyes.

“I did some thinking while I was away.”

“I can see that.”

Ok, so apparently he wasn’t going to let her get by with not fully explaining herself. “I’ve made some decisions.”

“Do tell.”

Feeling her frustration rise to the surface, Sam took a step back, trying to get a better look at him. He seemed even bigger than usual. Or maybe she just felt smaller. Either way, she hadn’t been prepared to have this conversation just yet, hence her avoidance of it.

“I took the job with CISS.” She offered, hoping that would suffice.

“I heard. Congratulations. I think it was a smart move.”

Of course he did. Now he wouldn’t have to worry about what others thought about their relationship. If they still had one.

More than a little doubt had crept into her thoughts in the last few days, when she realized she couldn’t be the woman he wanted her to be. He’d probably walk away as soon as he realized she was much better suited to the plain vanilla sex than the carnal debauchery that they had engaged in recently.

“What else did you think about, Sam?” Logan took a step forward, crowding her, making the room seem unusually small all of a sudden.

“Plenty.” She told him, taking a step back.

“I’m waiting.”

He was playing hardball, and Sam had the sudden urge to wither, to give in and just give up. But, she couldn’t. She didn’t want to be owned, to be dominated.

Was it getting hot?

“I need to go change, then I’ll make dinner, and we can talk some more.” She told him, needing a minute. Or ten.

“Go change, but we won’t be eating here. We’ve got to get to happy hour, at least make an appearance.”

Happy hour? Right. She’d heard about Larry’s successful project launch, but she hadn’t intended to go to happy hour.

“Go change, Sam. I’ll wait here.”

Not sure what else to say, she turned and fled to her bedroom, closing the door behind her. Since there wasn’t a lock on it, she knew she wouldn’t be able to keep Logan out if he wanted to come in, but she hoped he’d take the hint.

Sam changed, pulling on her most comfortable jeans, the pair that rode low on her hips and made her ass look exceptional, if she did say so herself. Since it wasn’t quite cool, but not warm either, she grabbed a short sleeve chocolate brown t-shirt that molded to her body.

Normally when she attended business functions, she would have donned a skirt, but tonight she needed some fortification. Having Logan to contend with, Sam couldn’t afford to feel intimidated.

Grabbing her Dr. Marten’s from her closet, she pulled on the heavy boots, giving her an inch in height and a hefty dose of confidence. She needed every ounce she could get when it came to dealing with Logan.

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