Taking an extra ten minutes, Sam brushed her teeth, freshened up her makeup, and pulled her hair back in a ponytail. This way, Logan wouldn’t be able to plunge his fingers into the strands, an action that always made her knees weak. Feeling a little stronger, she came out of her room to find Logan once again sitting on her couch, but he wasn’t alone.

“Sam.” Luke acknowledged her, his tone gentle, with a hint of amusement in his eyes.

“Luke.” She replied, then looked at Logan. It was a wonder she could tell them apart, but something in the way Logan looked at her told her exactly who was who. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing.” Logan assured her, standing. “You ready?”

Hoping he was referring to the happy hour, she nodded her head, grabbing her purse from the bar. Based on the intensity in his gaze, there was no way he would let her back out now, regardless of whether his brother was there or not. Logan waited for the two of them to precede him out the door, allowing him to lock up behind them. She seriously should ask for her key back.

Sam glanced to Logan’s car, wondering if she should just follow them in her own car. At least then she’d be able to sneak out if things got too hot.

“We’re taking Luke’s truck tonight.” Logan said, apparently reading her mind.


Logan opened the passenger door for her, the front passenger door, not the back. Sam glanced inside realizing there wasn’t a console separating the driver’s seat from the passenger. Instead, there was one long bench seat and a sense of doom came over her.

“I’ll just ride in the back.” She offered.


“Get in.” Logan instructed, putting his hand on the small of her back. She wasn’t going to get away so easily. And if the little wildcat thought her outfit would deter him from what he had in mind, she was ill advised. Giving her a little encouragement, he urged her inside the truck, her delectable ass hovering right in front of him, tempting him. He restrained from touching her. At least for now.

The questions in her eyes told him Sam had made some decisions while she was away. Some decisions that she shouldn’t have made. Some decisions he would soon be overriding. But not just yet. He’d let her think she had it all figured out for now.

Once inside the truck, Sam busied herself with her seatbelt, doing her best to keep equal distance between herself and both him and Luke. Logan smiled to himself.

He knew what she was up to. She’d run off to San Antonio, an unlimited amount of time to think about what had happened between them over the last few months and decided she was the good girl she pretended to be.

It was her M.O. Sam tried to convince herself she cared what other people thought of her. She portrayed a strong, independent, by the book woman who controlled every aspect of her life. In many instances, she was.

However, she was also tempted by the idea of not being in control. Since Logan tempted her self-control, made her forget who she was trying to be, she was attempting to put some distance between them.

Well, he wouldn’t have any of that shit. Not now. Not ever.

The dark, libidinous side of Sam was something Logan was drawn to, just as much as the strong, controlled, professional side. From what he’d learned, she wasn’t one without the other. She seemed to have forgotten that. Or she had purposely decided that wasn’t the case. Tonight he’d show her differently.

Luke punched the gas, peeling out of the parking lot, and Sam gripped the dashboard, her eyes wide with shock. She hadn’t seen this side of the brothers yet. Sure, she’d been privy to the dark hunger they both nurtured down deep, but she hadn’t yet seen the possessive, no holds barred side. When Logan called Luke, filling him in on what he suspected, his brother had been more than happy to help teach her a lesson.

Tonight she’d get a taste of how Logan genuinely felt. If she thought he gave a shit what other people thought about him, she was dead wrong. Sure, he was a private man, keeping the details of his personal life to himself and the mere few who penetrated his inner circle.

Today, when he’d heard Abigail’s little pep talk, he’d decided it was time to show her, and anyone else who wanted to threaten what he considered his, exactly how he felt about their failed attempts to interfere.

He hadn’t thought he’d have to involve Sam in his plan, but when he’d tried to call her earlier in the day, only to get her voicemail when he knew damn well she was sitting in her office, not doing a damn thing that couldn’t be interrupted, he realized she needed a small reminder of how he made her feel.

If there was an ounce of doubt in his mind that what Sam was contemplating was truly what she wanted, Logan would have backed off, willing to give her anything; including a toned down version of their recent sexual activities. Bringing Luke over had been a test, and just as he suspected, when she’d set her sights on him, The longing in the chartreuse depths of her beautiful eyes had flashed like a beacon.

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