A few minutes later, Luke pulled the monster of a truck into an empty space in front of the small bar. It was a second later that Sam was fidgeting with her seatbelt, anxious to get out of the truck. He waited patiently until she turned toward him, apparently expecting that he would be climbing out already. When she looked up into his eyes, he grinned, unable to hide the hunger he felt for this woman.

Reaching around, he looped her ponytail around his hand, tilting her head back before claiming her lips. Her sharp intake of breath was quickly silenced when he slammed his mouth down on hers, his tongue seeking what she’d knowingly deprived him of for the last two weeks. Her body tensed, but only for a second, then her hands slid up the front of his shirt, her fingers grabbing onto the cotton, pulling him closer.

He smiled into their kiss. That’s what he thought.

When Luke leaned closer, one hand snaking around to cup her breast, Sam broke the kiss, the incredulous look in her eye making Logan smile more.

“We can’t…” She choked out, her face flush, lips swollen from his kiss.

Logan waited for her to complete the sentence.

“Logan,” her voice lowered to a whisper, “what will people think?”

“I don’t give a fuck what they think. The only person I care about is you. And that means that we’re going to go inside, act like the regular couple we are and spend a few minutes with the people we work with every day.”

“But –”

“But nothing. Let’s go.” Logan wasn’t going to give her a chance to argue with him. Heaven knew Sam could come up with all sorts of excuses.

Logan climbed out of the truck, helping Sam out behind him. As they walked toward the bar, he took her hand in his, linking their fingers. Luke had already gone inside. After all, they weren’t here to put on a public display or to air their personal preferences. That was no one’s business but their own. Sam just didn’t have to know that.


Sam didn’t know what to think, but she was nervous as hell as they walked inside the dimly lit bar.

She immediately located a group of people she recognized, some calling out their hello’s to Logan as they entered. A few even offered her a greeting, which she returned in kind. Logan left her momentarily to get drinks from the bar, while Sam tried to locate a table. By the time he made his way back to her, Sam was sitting at a small table with Deanna and Alex.

Strangely enough, being outside of the office with Logan just seemed… normal. Not anything like she expected. Though she wasn’t sure when she started believing that she was walking around with a sign that announced to the world her sexual preferences, or those of her two lovers. Glancing over at Luke, she realized that’s exactly what he was.

Her lover.

“How’s it going?” Logan asked when he approached, talking to Alex and Deanna.

“Good, man.” Alex stated. “Did Sam tell you the good news?” Alex asked, glancing between the two of them.

Sam hadn’t mentioned anything to anyone other than Logan, unsure how Alex planned to make his announcement. She’d tied off with Xavier, but she hadn’t had a chance to catch up with Alex afterward.

“She did. Congrats, man. You’ve got yourself one hell of a V.P. She’s going to take you far.”

Sam was humbled by the compliment, feeling her face heat from his kind words.

“Don’t I know it? I’m looking forward to all she has to offer.” Alex responded, giving Sam a sexy grin.

Her imagination must be running away with her because she was conjuring up sexual innuendos where she knew there weren’t any.


Surely not.

Sam knew from some of the stories told around the office that Logan and Alex were friends; they’d been known to go out and party from time to time. But he wouldn’t… Sam shook off the image, turning her attention to her friend.

“I’m guessing you know what’s going on?” Sam asked Deanna.

“I heard. Congratulations. I’m just happy you won’t be leaving us.”

“We’re all happy about that.” Logan agreed. Tipping his bottle back, he took a long pull on his beer, never taking his eyes off of Sam. She couldn’t resist smiling at him, probably her first of the evening.

His answering grin sent tingles down her spine. For two weeks, she attempted to convince herself that her feelings for this man bordered on the normal. As she looked at him now, she knew they were anything but normal.

Just a look from him made her heart beat harder in her chest, her blood run hot, her palms itch to touch him. It had been two long weeks since he’d done anything more than the soul scorching kiss he’d planted on her in the truck. From the look in his eyes, he was planning to do so much more than that.

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