“Very well, thank you. And you?”

For a second, Logan didn’t know what she was saying, but then he realized where he was and what he was supposed to be doing. This was a job interview. Sort of.

“I’ll be doing much better after this conversation as long as it goes as well as I hope it will.” Logan engaged her in conversation, hoping to try and ease some of his own anxiety.

It was strange this reaction he was having to her.

Leaning back in his chair so as not to be sitting right in front of the web cam, Logan tried to appear nonchalant. He knew he was failing miserably.

Obviously, she had a difficult time trying to appear poised and unaffected, if her blush was anything to go by. When she sat up a little straighter in her chair, Logan realized she was trying to get comfortable, as well. He wondered if she was having the same reaction to him as he was to her. Hell, he hoped not because this was entirely unprofessional.

“I’m not sure what your definition of well is, but why don’t we just get down to business?” She stated and then all pretenses were gone.

The woman looking back suddenly went into complete, professional mode. Logan hoped to take some notes from her. Instead of saying anything more, he waited for her to continue.

“I spoke with James earlier this morning, and he filled me in. Albeit briefly.”

“Why don’t I shed some more light on it then?” Logan said and leaned forward again in his chair. “As he might have told you, we have an opening for a Vice President of Project Operations position here in our Dallas office, and I’m hoping to persuade you to join my team.”

“James wasn’t very forthcoming with the details, but he shared your interest in talking to me.” Samantha stated with more confidence than Logan anticipated. “I will let you know as I did him, it’ll require a little bit of a sell to get me to make my final decision.”

Logan couldn’t hold back the laugh. He liked her immediately. Straight forward, honest. This woman was exactly what his team needed.

“Is that right? Well, good thing, that’s what they pay me for. I’m sure I have some information that will interest you. Before we get into the heart of this call, do you have any questions for me?”

“I actually have plenty, but before I ask, I’d really like to hear more about the position and what it entails.”

Spunky. That’s the word he’d use to describe her personality. And he liked the fact she didn’t seem intimidated by him. With the position he held within the company, not to mention his tenure, Logan often found most of the people he encountered seemed to have difficulty in carrying on a conversation with him. He leaned back in his chair once more and contemplated his next move.

He never had the opportunity to meet the woman in person; however, her reputation preceded her. Like Alex reminded him, Xavier Thomas did seem to be enthralled with Samantha Kielty, and if their encounter was anything compared to this one, Logan fully understood why.

It seemed that almost the moment he received the resignation from his current Vice President of Project Operations, Xavier had been at his door asking who he planned to hire as his replacement. Samantha’s name had come up in that conversation, so here he was.

As impressed as he was by her to this point, Logan still had concerns over how she would be accepted within the Dallas office. Not to mention, he was a bit put off by his own overwhelming attraction to her. And the fact that he wouldn’t be the only male in the office who would have this reaction to her.

She wasn’t just pretty, and she couldn’t be classified as beautiful. No, those words were not powerful enough for what he saw. She was breathtaking. Her light green, almond shaped eyes and long, dark blond hair captivated him. And it had been a very long time since he’d been captivated by anyone. Realizing they only had thirty minutes scheduled, Logan decided to get right to the point.

“I’ll start by telling you why I chose you for this opportunity.” He began, watching intently for any sort of question in her expression. “Jeff Henson has chosen to leave the company, and although he has made some impressive contributions to this position, I’m looking for the person who can take this role to the next level. Based on my research, all signs are pointing to you as being that person.

“And by research, I can tell you we looked long and hard at the potential candidates. I’ve had conversations with the managers and support personnel who report into you, and they sing your praises quite loudly.”

“I appreciate the kind words,” Sam began, “and it humbles me to know my employees keep me in high regards, but that also has me questioning why I should take this position. Don’t get me wrong, I’m interested. If I wasn’t, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, but I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around what this job entails and how it fits into my career path.” Samantha’s clearly articulated voice rang through the speaker on his desk.

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