All in the name of pleasure.

All in the name of Sam’s pleasure.

Did Logan want to share her with other men? Only her body. When it came to her heart and soul, he was a possessive bastard and expected those to be for him and him only. Could he live without sharing her? Absolutely. What he couldn’t live without was her.

If she gave him an ultimatum, he’d oblige, but he knew that neither of them would be happy in the end. Sam was a sensual, sexy woman who happened to enjoy the same things Logan did.

Would he ever let her share him with another woman? Never. That wasn’t even an option. It wasn’t about him. She was everything he needed. But, did he get off on watching another man take her to new heights of pleasure that she never knew existed? Absolutely. More importantly, he enjoyed the submission she gave him. To know he owned her, controlled her, made her burn for more. Those things were crucial to Logan.

And he’d thought he had made himself clear. He could see the hunger burn in her eyes when he took her, when he ordered her pleasure. He felt the way her body burned for more, needing all he could give her.

And tonight… tonight he would push her to a new height.

This would be her ultimate test. He would determine the full extent of her conviction, a safe word he’d originally wondered about, but when he’d given it more thought, he’d understood.

Sam was testing her beliefs, and in turn, Logan would be testing her, as well.

Logan nodded to Luke from across the room, his brother acknowledging. Then he interrupted Sam, who was still talking to Deanna, the two women talking about a Christmas party or some such. “You about ready, baby?”

Sam’s eyes went wide at his term of endearment, but she recovered quickly. “I am. I’ll talk to you tomorrow? Then Thursday we’ll go to lunch with Veronica?”

Deanna nodded her agreement, then waved them off.

“Goodnight, Deanna.” Logan said, taking Sam’s hand and then motioning to Alex. “Hey, man. We’re gonna head out. See you later?”

“You bet.” Alex turned to Sam. “I’ll see you later.”

Sam nodded her head, but clutched Logan’s hand in hers as he led her toward the exit. When Luke joined them at the door, they exited the building together, heading for his truck. Once they were all three inside, Logan looked at his brother. “Let’s go to your house.”

“Sure thing.”

He caught Sam’s surprised look, but he had to give her credit, she didn’t say anything. Except for the tremble in her hand, Logan would have never known she was anticipating what was to come. He half expected her to ask them to take her home.

She didn’t.

“Are you ok, Sam?” Logan asked, just to get her talking.


Sam sat as straight as she could, staring out the window, just shy of holding her breath. When Logan asked her if she was ok, she wanted to tell him, that no, she wasn’t. She couldn’t do that though. It would have been only partial truth.

She was giddy, anxious, and more than a little nervous, but the more she thought about it, the more she decided she actually was ok.

“I’m fine.” She muttered, the warmth of his hand suffusing her with a little courage.

Sam had never been to Luke’s house, hell, she didn’t even know what he did for a living. Something deep down inside of her wanted to know. She wanted to know more about the man – her lover – and this would be a start.

Luke was always so quiet, reserved, seeming to do whatever Logan told him to do, but Sam knew that was only when she was around. She could feel Luke’s heat, his power, his aggression just below the surface. He might participate as a third in Logan’s relationships, but Sam got the impression that he was far from controllable. Getting a glimpse into his world might do her some good.

For the last few hours, she’d been talking to Deanna, sharing stories with some of the other women who worked for her, and actually enjoying herself. Which left her wondering what the hell she’d spent the last two weeks doing.

Where did all of that common sense go? The recent decisions she made to get a grip on her relationship with Logan, to bring it back within the realm of normal, were just faded memories at this point.

Sam glanced down when Logan pulled her hand closer to him, letting her hand rest at the top of his thigh, so close to the bulge she could see clearly defined behind the zipper of his jeans. She tried to turn away quickly, pretend she didn’t see what she had; knowing exactly where this night was leading, but unable to protest.

Damn her overactive libido. What the hell was wrong with her?

“See what you do to me, Sam?” Logan’s deep, dark, sultry drawl filled the confines of the truck, washing her with a warm glow, his hand moving hers to rest on the hard ridge of his erection outlining his jeans.