“That’s it, baby. Wrap your lips around my dick.” Logan held the back of her head, pressing her into his lap, his cock thrust into her mouth, as she fought to breath, overwhelmed with the musky, masculine scent of him.

He tasted good, and her body burned from the simple hold he kept on her head. She could feel Luke’s hand as it slid over her back, gliding underneath her t-shirt, caressing the skin he found there.

Then his hand was gone, and she felt the truck slow, wondering where they were and what was going on. But, when she tried to pull her head up, Logan only held her tighter.

“Suck my dick.” Logan’s harsh tone had her jerking as the words ripped through the truck, but she didn’t try to pull away again.

Instead, she devoured the head of his cock, wrapping her lips around him, and applying gentle suction. She was in an awkward position, partially sitting on the seat, half lying in his lap, but the only thing she could focus on was the way he ground his cock into her mouth.

“So fucking hot.” Logan groaned, the truck lurched forward just a little only to stop again.

Sam couldn’t help wondering where they were, but she couldn’t move, could only feel. Logan’s cock filled her mouth, while Luke’s hands, she assumed they were Luke’s hands, slid fully under her shirt, moving around her until they cupped her breasts, the warmth of his palms against her nipples making her ache to be naked, to feel him fully against her.

Suddenly, a hand twined in her ponytail, pulling her up until Logan’s cock slipped from her mouth, and she found herself looking directly in the hazel depths of his eyes, seconds before his mouth closed over hers. Luke’s warm body pressed against her back, Logan at her front and Sam felt like she would go up in flames. When he pulled back, Sam finally got a glimpse of where they were. It was a garage; the same size as the one that housed Logan’s three cars, if not bigger.

What the hell did Luke do for a living?

“Get out.” Luke instructed and then one of the other garage doors raised, an unfamiliar black Silverado truck easing to a stop in the empty spot next to Luke’s. Sam couldn’t hold back the gasp when a tall, broad shouldered, handsome man exited the truck, catching her eye momentarily. Suddenly she knew what they had in store for her.

She couldn’t do this. She couldn’t.

Her heart pounded like a bass drum on steroids, her body trembled, and her legs refused to move. Logan clasped her wrist and helped pull her from the truck. Once she slid to the floor, he pressed her against the passenger door, effectively trapping her between his body and the ungiving vehicle.

“You ran from me, Sam.” Logan bit out, tilting her chin up to look at him, his hand unexpectedly gentle on her face. “You thought you could run. You thought you could convince yourself you didn’t want this. That this didn’t make your body burn.”

Sam locked her eyes on his, seeing only passion and heat reflected in the beautiful multicolored depths, not the anger she felt coursing just beneath the surface.


“I won’t force this on you.” Logan felt the need to clarify for her. He could see the fear mixed with the anticipation, knew she wouldn’t be able to deny herself this, no matter how much she wanted to. “This is all about you, Sam. No one else. Remember your safe word?”

She nodded, staring up at him, her hands gripping his biceps.

“You chose that word for a reason. Now, it’s time for you to decide what you really want. Right here. Right now.” He kept his voice low, though he knew they didn’t have an audience. Luke and Cole had already gone into the house, leaving him a few minutes to ensure Sam was on the same page.

As much as they wanted her pleasure, as much as they wanted to fill her unconditionally, to take her to places she’d never dreamed of, the three of them would never force her. He would never force her. She would have to be a willing participant, or they would stop. But, he couldn’t help the edge of anger that bubbled just beneath the surface. She’d told him she loved him, and that meant acceptance. She’d accepted him, all of him. The pleasure he could give her. Along with the trust.

“I love you, Sam.” He whispered, holding her chin firmly between his thumb and index finger. “And I know you love me.”

He could see it in her eyes. She might have disappeared for two weeks, she might have tried to avoid him, and she might’ve even tried to convince herself she didn’t want this, but he knew better.

“What happens tonight stays between the four of us. You can trust me on that, Sam.”

Sam nodded, he could see the concern in her eyes, but she didn’t try to pull away. He waited, giving her a chance to refuse.

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