“I love you.” Those three words tore at his heart, making his body throb with the need to take her, to show her what it does to him for her to admit it. “I trust you.”

Logan crushed his mouth to hers, pulling her closer, holding her to him as he thrust his tongue into her mouth, delving deeper, tasting her passion, her hesitation, but most importantly her acceptance.

She might have run, but Logan knew she understood the consequences now. She knew she would be punished in the most erotic, most passionate way possible, and she accepted it.

Breaking the kiss, Logan pulled her hips against his, letting her feel how hard she’d made him, how much she had taken from him by her little deception, and he could see in her eyes, how much she wanted this.

“It’s all about you. Always about you.” He whispered the words, then pressed a line of kisses on her lower lip, before he gently bit into the soft flesh. “Now, it’s time you take your punishment. You can’t run from me, baby. You can never run because I won’t give up.”

Nodding her head again, Logan took a step back, readjusted his clothes, tucking his iron hard cock back into his jeans, then zipping them before he took her hand and led her into the house. What he had in store for her tonight was pushing even his own limits.

He’d shared many women, some with Luke, others with Cole. Both men were fully aware of his sexual needs, he just as aware of theirs. He trusted them both with his life, and now he trusted them both with Sam.

They’d never participated in something like this, but tonight was about exploring their deepest, darkest fantasies. He knew his own, and he understood Cole’s. Luke’s, on the other hand, were a little harder to get his mind around.

Before the night was through, they would push past some of their own boundaries, and tomorrow, in the bright light of day, they’d resume their normal lives, continue as though nothing happened though they would all four be game for more.

Logan was sure of it.

Chapter Thirty One

Once inside, Logan offered Sam a drink as they entered the well-lit kitchen, one that easily rivaled Logan’s. The cabinets were a rich, dark wood, the appliances, stainless steel. The furnishings were masculine and tasteful, and Sam found herself looking around, trying to acquaint herself with the man she knew so elusively.

“What does Luke do for a living?” She found herself asking as Logan pulled a bottle of Vodka from the freezer, going in search of something to mix with it.

“He owns a club.” Logan told her, his words mumbled as he rummaged through the refrigerator.

Sam leaned against the black granite countertop. “Club? As in nightclub?”

Logan was back with a two liter bottle of Sprite and two small glass tumblers. “In a sense.”

Sam turned to look at him. Maybe he didn’t like that she was asking questions about Luke. “What sense?”

“I own a sex club.” Luke stated as he sauntered into the room, his shirt had been discarded somewhere along the way, and Sam couldn’t help herself. She eyed the sleek, hardened muscles of his arms, his chest.

The man was just as beautiful as Logan, if a man could be described as beautiful. How two men, despite their identical DNA, carried themselves the same, even talked the same, was beyond Sam. A lifetime of experience generally denoted a person’s demeanor, yet these brothers were so much alike, it was eerie.

What he said finally registered, and Sam looked up into his eyes, a hint of playfulness mixed with the usual dark, seduction reflected back at her. “Sex club?”

She knew she sounded sheltered and more like a prude than ever before, but Sam didn’t believe sex clubs existed, figured they were only the figment of an erotic author’s imagination.

“That’s right, sweet thing.” Luke agreed, making his way to the refrigerator, pulling out a beer and then leaning against the opposite counter.

“Don’t let him deceive you.” Logan said, handing her a glass before putting the bottles back inside the refrigerator. “Club Destiny is an exclusive, upscale club, membership required.”

“Club Destiny?” Sam didn’t know if they were trying to pull one over on her, yet she found herself intrigued at the idea of an upscale sex club. It helped to explain how both men seemed so comfortable in their own skin, so accepting of their… kinks.

“It was originally called Destined Hearts but, that seemed a bit too – what’s the word I’m looking for?” Logan asked Luke.

“Sweet? Cheesy? You name it. Destined Hearts made it sound like we were some sort of matchmaking service. Once we bought out the club, we immediately changed the name and required exclusivity from our members.”

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