We? Sam didn’t miss Luke’s reference to him and his brother, and Sam looked at Logan. He owned a sex club? Surely Xavier didn’t know anything about this. And Luke was right, Destined Hearts did sound like some sort of internet dating site. She wouldn’t have figured it to be an upscale sex club. Although Club Destiny didn’t allude to any particular type of establishment, which she figured Luke was probably after in the first place.

“How long have you owned it?”

“Five years.” Luke was quick to respond, glancing over at his brother, then taking a long pull on his beer.

The kitchen got quiet, neither brother offering to share any additional information, and Sam wasn’t in the mood to drag it out of them. She wasn’t sure what to suggest they do, so she downed her drink in two gulps, hoping to soak up some courage, or maybe to take the edge off her nervousness. Either way, with these two men filling the spacious kitchen with their mere presence, Sam was starting to feel the effects of their closeness. Not to mention, there was another man here, and she had no idea where he went.

“Come on. I’ll give you a tour.” Luke offered, taking Sam’s hand, surprising her with his closeness. She glanced at Logan as though seeking approval, but she didn’t see any hint of concern, only hunger, which shot her blood pressure up a notch.

Sam followed Luke out of the kitchen, leaving Logan to refill their drinks. “Your house is beautiful.”

“Thanks.” He grunted, leading her through the massive den, complete with two story ceilings, and one solid stone wall with an oversized fireplace, decorated with what had to be at least a sixty inch flat panel television.

The couches were dark brown, distressed leather, centered at the fireplace, a wrought iron and glass table sat between, atop a chocolate and cream colored rug that didn’t look like it came from a department store.

With each room that Luke took her through, Sam felt more and more out of place. She’d been overwhelmed by Logan’s immaculate home, but Luke’s had her speechless. Apparently, owning a sex club was where the money was at.

When they’d circled around, briefly explaining the common areas, having bypassed all of the bedrooms – on purpose, maybe? – Sam and Luke ended up at the back of the house, where she caught sight of the most beautiful outdoor area she’d ever seen.

The view was breathtaking, and the infinity pool was triple the size of any she’d ever seen, bordered by an in ground spa that overflowed into the pool. The covered area was probably four times the size of her apartment, decked out with a full living area and what appeared to be another full outdoor kitchen.


It was apparent that when the house had been built, Luke had spared no expense. And she didn’t have any doubt he had built the house and customized it down to every last detail.

The house was a reflection of the man; the vast estate was spacious and lavish, yet not pretentious. Luke seemed comfortable in his home, but he didn’t have an air of conceit.

Maybe that’s what she liked about him most; he was laid back, confident, intensely sexy. It was the dark, dangerous side of him that made her nervous, only because she feared the feelings that he brought out in her.

Logan joined them at the back door a moment later, handing her another glass, as he pressed up against her from behind. “Want to swim?”

The night was dark, but the pool was lit up, both from the lighting from the covered area, as well as some sort of intricate lighted design within the pool itself. Heat settled warm and tingly in her stomach as memories of the first night she’d spent in Logan’s pool, blindfolded and overwhelmed by ecstasy.

Rather than wait for her answer, Luke took her hand, surprising her once again, and led her through the wide glass doors, onto the stone covered patio. She hadn’t heard it from inside, but there was music playing from overhead speakers she couldn’t see, a jazzy, blues mix that rumbled through her core.

Everything about this setting screamed mind blowing orgasms and hours of euphoric ravishing of bodies. Her trepidations from earlier were nowhere to be found, and she figured that was partly due to the alcohol, and partly from both Luke and Logan’s ability to make her feel comfortable. There was no pressure, yet there was an underlying promise that singed the air, making her nerves dance, and her heart flutter.

And Logan seemed to be taking a backseat, while Luke was taking the lead. That was a change of pace, and something Sam wasn’t as excited about. Sure, she loved the fact that Logan found immense pleasure in watching as another man seduced her body, tempting her beyond control, but the comfort came from knowing he was the one controlling it. He controlled her, and every ounce of her pleasure.

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