Tonight, he’d taken a step back for some reason.

The three of them stood silently by the edge of the pool, the sound of the gentle breeze sifting through the massive trees surrounding the property as well as the bubbling of water as it flowed over the edge of the hot tub and into the pool. The music seemed to mesh with the night air, adding background noise, yet not disturbing the peaceful serenity that being outside seemed to bring.

Sam took another sip of her drink, sat it on one of the iron tables close by, wondering if the water was cold, after all, it was October, but in Texas that still meant unusually warm days, and mild nights.

“It’s heated.” The voice was like a drug to her system, the deep, gruff sound raking over her nerve endings, the feel of warm breath near her ear. With her back to both men, she wasn’t quite sure who it was standing directly behind her, but she sensed it was Logan and her heart beat harder.

When he pressed up against her, wrapping his thick, solid arms around her middle, she knew exactly who it was. His touch was gentle, his arms a warm embrace that she had ached for at night, for two long weeks, when she slept in her bed alone.

“I want you naked.” The urgent undertone of his words made her nipples pebble, the lace of her bra an erotic sensation against her oversensitive skin. The sound of the back door opening, then closing again broke the silence of the night, but she didn’t turn around.

Logan lifted the hem of her shirt, bringing it up over her head and tossing it alongside her glass on the table just two feet away. He made quick work of removing her bra, letting the silk and lace slide down her arms, only to be urgently pulled from her grasp and tossed aside, as well.

“You have the most beautiful breasts.” He whispered against her ear, his tongue nipping lightly at her neck. “Your nipples are hard, begging for my touch.”

And they were. The more he made her wait, standing topless, outside in the crisp night air, was doing strange things to her insides. Her body was hot to the touch, her skin too tight, her breasts too sensitive, and she ached to feel masculine hands as they roamed over her body, offering pleasure she had been wrong to try and fight.


Logan ran his index finger down the silky, soft skin from her neck, over the gentle swell of her breast, stopping to draw circles around her nipple. When she leaned further back against him, he knew she was ready. For the last twenty minutes, they’d tried to ease her mind, offering her comfort while both he and Luke had suppressed their raging hard-ons.

The way she teased him with her wicked hot tongue on the way back to Luke’s, had left him hanging by a thread, leaving him no choice but to put some distance between them.

He’d had mixed feelings about letting Luke go off with her, but his brother seemed to be managing his own arousal better than he was. That likely wasn’t the case anymore. Sam was now topless, still standing in the circle of his arms, but he knew what he’d see if he looked behind him.

Cole Ackerley, one of Club Destiny’s most respected members, was sitting only a few feet away. Cole was an infamous playboy, quite frequently engaging in three and foursomes with other members of the club. Cole was discreet, never discussing his activities inside or outside of the club. He was known for his discretion, but he was also known for his willingness to do almost anything when it came to sexual games. Tonight was about the ‘anything’.

Logan slid his hands down over her taut belly, feeling the slight tremble in her muscles as he slipped under the waistband of her jeans. Popping the button open with his left hand, easing the zipper down, Logan delved the fingers of his right hand further, grazing over her smooth, hairless mound, dipping his middle finger between her delicate folds and letting his fingernail rake over her clit. Sam nearly came off the ground, jerking in his arms, her head thrashing back against his shoulder.

She was primed and ready, probably having spent the better part of the last two weeks dreaming about what he did to her; how he made her body burn, no matter how much she didn’t want to.

“God that’s sweet. The way your clit throbs, how wet you get just from the touch of my fingers.”

“Please, Logan.” She pleaded, gripping his forearm, trying to push his hand further, working to make him increase the friction.

“What baby? What do you want?”

“You.” She groaned out the single word, her hips thrusting forward.

“You’ve got me, baby.” He whispered directly into her ear, loud enough for her ears only. “Now and forever.”

She turned her head to the side, her lips brushing against his, her teeth nipping at his lower lip, eliciting a groan from deep in his chest. This was the way he wanted her, aching for more, begging for what he could give her. But, the night was still young.