“Touch me, Logan.”

“I am touching you.” He told her, nipping at her lip in return. “But, you’ve been a naughty girl, trying to run from me. From us.”

Her ice green eyes widened, focusing on his face, and he grinned. She might pretend she didn’t know what this night was about, but Logan knew better. Sam was here for him; here for the pleasure she knew he would give her.

Turning her in his arms, Logan lowered himself to his knees, needing to remove her boots so he could slide her jeans down those long, tempting legs. When he did, Sam’s sharp intake of breath told him she realized who was behind them.

She had never met Cole. Until tonight, there had been no reason to introduce her to him, but if Logan had his way, Cole would be frequenting their little escapades. There were unspoken boundaries they’d all set going into this, but Logan knew his own boundaries were much more defined than either Cole or Luke’s.

Tonight was about the shock factor.

Letting Sam understand that what she and Logan had engaged in thus far was mild compared to what others found pleasure in. Luke had a much harder edge than Logan, one that not many knew about, and as for Cole, he had remarkably few limitations when it came to sex, including gender. The man found pleasure in his partners and the act itself, and both Logan and Luke knew this about him. Logan wasn’t interested in men, never had been, wasn’t now. He didn’t get off on watching men together, but he didn’t judge others for what they did or did not do.

Luke, on the other hand, was much more open than Logan. His identical twin brother was dominant and alpha in every way, and there were times when Luke needed someone much stronger than a woman to handle his baser urges. Cole had been the one to handle Luke from time to time, and Logan knew this. Tonight was about showing Sam that she might have wicked thoughts, and erotic urges, but she wasn’t a sexual deviant. And neither was Luke, or even Cole.

Logan wanted her to see that for herself.

After removing one of her boots, Logan shifted to the other, making quick work of the laces and tossing that one to the side. He then reached up, placing his hands flat on her naked chest, then running his palms down over her breasts, not lingering the way he knew she wanted, instead continuing to move down her torso, then gripping the waistband of her jeans and slowly lowering the soft, faded denim down over her long, smooth legs.

Once the jeans were tossed aside, he slipped her socks from her feet, moving back up her body, placing wet kisses around her navel, reveling in the feel of her slender fingers as they tightened in his hair.

She was on full display for Luke and Cole, both men standing only a few feet away. Logan didn’t have any problems with initiating this interlude; he never had problems with an audience. It was one of his few idiosyncrasies, aside from taking pleasure in watching another man pleasure his woman. He’d come to terms with his darker urges, and he hoped tonight Sam would come to terms with hers.

Spreading her thighs with his hands, Logan dropped open mouthed kisses just below her navel, over her mound, before spreading her labia, opening her to him. Looking up at her, he saw the firestorm brewing in the iridescent green, making them almost glow in the dim light.

“You like being watched.” It wasn’t a question, it was a fact. She was hotter than a forest fire, and the look in her eyes told him she wanted more.

Tonight was all about her, but he wasn’t going to give her what she wanted just yet. He would tease her, sending her to perch on the precipice of need, but before he sent her over… he’d make her watch.

Chapter Thirty Two

Logan slid his tongue through her soft, wet folds, the sweet taste of her going right to his loins. Sam was the sweetest thing he’d ever tasted. When she gripped his hair, pulling harder at the strands until pain shot through his skull, Logan delved deeper but only for a second. He pulled back, making her whimper, standing to his full height and looking down at her.

God she was gorgeous; soft, feminine curves and smooth, creamy skin. Holding back was going to kill him. But he was willing to sacrifice himself in order to show her how hot things could seriously get. Taking her hand, he led her to the edge of the hot tub. He shucked his shirt, but left his jeans on before taking a seat on the stone ledge, pulling her down onto his lap, her back to his chest.

“Spread your legs.” He demanded, pulling her back so that the ridge of his denim covered cock nestled between the firm globes of her naked ass. He perched her legs on top of his, opening her to the hungry gaze of both Luke and Cole.

“See the way they look at you? Like they’re starving. Dying to taste your sweet pussy.” Logan said, his voice calm despite the storm brewing inside of him.

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