Sam felt exposed. The hungry gaze of two men upon her as she sat on Logan’s lap, her legs splayed wide, her sex on full display for their viewing pleasure. And she was so hot.

Logan told her earlier that she liked to be watched. It was something she’d tried repeatedly to deny to herself in recent days, but tonight, as their gazes bore into her flesh, she finally accepted it. Seeing the way these two alpha males, with their long, sleek bodies, thick, powerful legs stared back at her, made her wetter than she had ever been.

Watching as Luke nearly tore off his own jeans, Sam’s gaze froze on the long, hard length of him as he gripped his cock with one hand, his eyes locked on her. It was like watching Logan, while still having him beside her, a fantasy few people would ever get to live out. As she watched Luke stroke his thick, hard length, her eyes were drawn to the man standing beside him.

Nearly as tall as Luke and Logan, Cole was a force to be reckoned with. He was thicker than either twin, his arm muscles bulging as he mirrored Luke, removing his own clothes as his gaze remained locked between Sam’s thighs.

His sun kissed blond hair was short, his piercing blue eyes as bright as a gas flame, heating her from the inside out. Unlike Luke or Logan, Cole’s chest was smooth, hairless, and rippling with tension. His male nipples were hard points on a flawless form, his abs tight, and his steel hard erection was thick as he held it firmly in his hand, rubbing his other hand over the heavy, hairless sac between his legs. The man was a sensual dream, rock hard muscle and barely restrained strength.

Her eyes darted back to Luke, who appeared to be looking past her, obviously looking to Logan for direction. Not a word was said though, the tempo of the music lending the night a hedonic feel. As she held her breath, anxiously waiting for one or both of them to approach, to silence the throb between her legs, Sam was shocked at what happened next.

“On your knees.” Luke ordered, and at first, Sam was confused, unsure who he was talking to. Then, she witnessed the knowing look on Cole’s ruggedly handsome features, a look of defiance in his eyes that contradicted his movements.

Surely he wouldn’t!

Sam held her breath, felt Logan’s fingers as they brushed light, teasing caresses over her inner thighs, lingering right where she wanted him, but not close enough. She was mesmerized by the sight before her; these two masculine males, an aura of danger emanating in the air around them.

Watching the two men, Cole silently defying Luke’s demand, Luke’s penetrating stare daring Cole to disobey. It was erotic, and beyond imagination.

Sam wasn’t a prude when it came to reading fantasies, she’d spent more than one sleepless night throwing herself into a sheet scorching erotic romance, including those that involved two men who sought pleasure in one another, but never in her wildest dreams would she have thought to see it for herself.

As Luke took one step closer to Cole, then another, both men facing off in a hedonistic battle of wills, Sam held her breath, anticipating what would come next. The sheer eroticism of the act had her thighs tightening, her pussy spasming, and her breasts tingling. The dark, perverse side of her wanted to watch as Cole succumbed to Luke’s overwhelming domination, the other man on his knees, offering himself and the satisfaction Luke would be able to find in his arms.

“What you’ve seen so far is nothing.” Logan whispered, bringing her back to the moment, his lips nipping and sucking on the overly sensitive skin of her neck.

What she saw before her were two stallions gearing up to battle for domination, yet watching them, she knew which one would come out on top.

“On your fucking knees.” Luke demanded, his tone darker, a hint of anger tingeing the words.

And one step closer, Luke pressed one hand on the other man’s shoulder; Sam watched in expected awe as Cole defied him once again, his powerful thighs straining to keep his legs from buckling beneath him. But, despite Cole’s reluctance, Sam could see the slight tremble in his hands, the flood of adrenaline as it coursed through his arms and legs, his chest muscles rippling with the need to hold back, but the desire to do as he was told.

She knew how he was feeling, had felt exactly that a time or two when her senses were assaulted by the sensual domination both Logan and Luke radiated like fire lit from within.

And then slowly, his gaze never breaking from Luke’s, Cole lowered himself to his knees, his chest heaving, a sinful grin tipping the corners of his lips.

“Now wrap your fucking lips around my cock.” Luke growled, taking another step closer, his hand resting none too gently on the top of Cole’s head, his fingers twining into the silky, golden hair, Cole’s fire and ice stare daring him to force him.

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