As Sam looked on, that’s exactly what Luke did, though she could see Cole had given in to what would come next, one hand taking Luke’s cock, stroking roughly, much more roughly than Sam could have ever imagined doing, knowing his calloused hand would be abrasive to Luke’s otherwise sensitive cock, a look of pure bliss breaking through Luke’s handsome, dark features.

Then Cole’s mouth was on him, Sam’s entire body tightened as she watched, a voyeur in the dark of night, stealing a taste of Luke’s satisfaction as his hard, thick cock buried deep in the other man’s mouth, a buzz of need starting from deep within her womb, radiating out through her entire body.

Sam leaned back against Logan, wanting to feel him closer, needing to know he was there with her. The warmth of his lips on her skin, the way his fingers had begun teasing her clit with tiny circles was driving her crazy.

If he didn’t do something, she was going to go mad with lust, her body ready to go up in flames. When he didn’t seem to take the hint, she used her own hands to cup her breasts, squeezing them roughly, harder than she ever had, and still her body hummed from deep in her core.

“Don’t touch.” Logan demanded, his words clipped, his hands gripping her forearms and pulling her hands down to her sides. “You’re mine to pleasure tonight, and not until I say so.”

He was infuriating her, keeping her on the verge of an orgasm so powerful, she wasn’t sure she’d survive it. His fingers resumed their intrusion, one finger once again flicking her clit, while two fingers slid deep inside her making her groan from the potency of her body’s demands. When he stilled his hand, she pushed her hips forward, riding his fingers, forcing them deeper.

“That’s it, baby. Ride my fingers.”

As much as he wanted to pretend he wasn’t affected, Sam could hear it in his terse tone, the way his leg muscles tensed beneath her thighs.

Sam opened her eyes, trying to focus, unable to not watch the aggressive way Luke held Cole’s head, ramming his cock further into the man’s throat, elicit groans torn from his chest, as he thrust harder, faster. She expected him to come at any moment, but he held on, bracing his legs further apart, his fingers gripping the other man’s hair tighter, the muscles of his arms standing out in stark relief as the power surged through him.

The look on Cole’s face reflected so many things, but not one of them pain. Still there was defiance in the way he knelt before Luke, as though he was held there against his will, yet they all knew that wasn’t the case.

“You like watching a man suck Luke’s dick? Does it make you hot to watch, to see the way Luke holds himself back? It’s the same way he is with you. Your sweet mouth drives him wild, makes him crazy, the same way Cole’s does.”

She could see the gleam in Luke’s eyes when he turned his head briefly to meet her gaze. She wanted to be the one on her knees in front of Luke; she wanted to be the one to take him to the back of her throat, to make him moan, to make him come. Her juices flowed steadily as Logan thrust his fingers deeper, bending them at just the right angle to…

“Oh God!” Sam screamed, unable to stop herself as she plunged headlong into a glorious, soul shattering orgasm, unlike any she had known before.

“Did you come?” Logan asked, though the question was rhetorical, his fingers still buried deep, her bones languid, her muscles like water, as she leaned into him, unable to hold herself up. “I didn’t give you permission to come.”

Sam wanted to care, but her body was sated, yet another fire banked deeper than before, heat pooling in her womb, as she watched as Luke pulled his cock from Cole’s mouth, the other man still on his knees before him. And then Luke turned his attention to her, raising one hand while the other continued to stroke the heated steel shaft between his legs. When he crooked his finger at her, motioning her to him, Sam didn’t know what to do.

“He wants you, baby. Go to him.” Logan instructed, helping her to stand, her legs weak, barely able to hold her. As she took the steps required to get closer to Luke, she saw something in his eyes, something akin to desperation, a barely controlled fury.

“Come here, Sam.” Luke stated, his patience wearing thin, yet she couldn’t seem to move faster, couldn’t make her legs work. Once she reached him, he lifted her into his arms, one behind her back, the other under her legs as he strode toward the doors of his house, where he was taking her, she had no idea.

“Inside.” Luke instructed Cole, who had yet to stand from his position on the ground.

Sam realized that, despite the other man’s defiance, he was doing as he was told, which was all part of the game. Luke carried her through the living room, past the kitchen, to a set of stairs that led to a second floor she hadn’t yet seen. Why hadn’t Luke shown her this part of the house earlier?