Feeling more than a little vulnerable, naked in Luke’s arms, she gripped his neck, holding tight as he ascended the stairs, two at a time.

Once they were at the top, he opened a set of double doors that led to a darkened room. She couldn’t see anything around them, didn’t know where they were, why they were there, or what was going to happen next, but something settled inside of her when she heard Logan’s footsteps behind her. Since he wasn’t objecting, Sam decided to clamp down the questions threatening to fly out of her mouth.

The lights were turned up, she wasn’t sure how, but the room was awash in a soft yellow glow. What she saw around her nearly stole what little air she’d managed to suck down. The room was full of things she’d only associate with hard core BDSM and Sam wasn’t naive enough to believe she had any clue as to what these things were for. Again, her only experience came in the form of books read in the dead of night, alone with her own imagination.

But this…

This definitely explained the dark storm clouds that always seemed to be brewing in Luke’s eyes. She felt those penetrating eyes on her now, trying to get a sense for what she was thinking.

What the hell was she thinking?

She wasn’t, that was the only logical explanation, because the only thing she knew to do was to pull Luke’s head down, bringing his lips to hers. Brushing one light kiss over his succulent mouth, she looked directly into his eyes and whispered, “Show me.”

“Baby, I’ll show you everything.” There was so much promise in his words, her body tingled as his mouth crushed down on hers, her arms locking around his neck as their tongues dueled.

The kiss was broken long before she was ready to let go of him, but Luke lowered her to an oversized black leather sofa, easing himself behind her and then pulling her back against his hard body. He situated her similar to the way Logan had, although Luke was nude, his chest hair scratching her back, the hair on his thighs was a sensual scrape against the underside of her thighs.

It only took a moment to see what he was doing, positioning her so his cock slid between the folds of her pussy, from behind. God she wanted to feel him, but he wasn’t edging toward her entrance.

“Put your mouth back on my cock.” Luke demanded, the hard edge once again in place, though his hands still cradled her gently. He wasn’t instructing her, he was talking to Cole, the other man standing a few feet away, beautifully naked.

Luke kissed the side of her neck, licked his way around to the corner of her mouth as she turned toward him. She licked his tongue with her own, sucking it into her mouth, mimicking what he expected Cole to do to him now.

“Don’t tempt me.” Luke told her, then turned back to Cole. “Put your fucking mouth on my cock. You don’t want me to punish you.”

Sam watched Cole, a dark gleam in his eyes. Apparently the man got off on the pain, something Sam had no idea about, and she shuttered at the thought. There were some things she would openly admit to enjoying, even being curious about them, but purposely inflicted pain was not something she had any desire to try.

But to each his own and all that.

Cole crawled onto the couch, between their spread thighs, his big, warm hands gripped her ankles, then skimmed over her calves, the back of her knees, lowering himself closer to where she wanted him, but he wasn’t going to put his mouth on her.

She didn’t know this man, but she wanted his tongue inside her, his mouth sucking her clit, driving her to ecstasy while Luke and Logan both watched. Instead, she watched as Luke’s hard cock slid deep into Cole’s mouth, the other man laving it with his tongue, doing all of the things she’d wanted to do to Luke only moments before.

Logan wasn’t sitting with them, but he’d perched on the arm of the other couch, never far from where she was. She was grateful for his nearness. While her brain tried to process the erotic way that one man sucked another, she found she needed Logan. He grounded her, making her feel safe, though nothing about the situation made her feel safe. These two hard men, with their raw hunger and uncontrolled lust, as they held her firmly, made her feel things she knew she shouldn’t, made her want things, carnal things, that she’d swore she wouldn’t want.

When Cole’s hot tongue slid between her damp folds, Luke’s fingers holding her open, Sam could only watch as the fire tore through her. Luke’s cock pressed against her clit, Cole’s tongue bathing them both, lapping at her juices and sliding his tongue down the underside of Luke’s cock.

She felt Luke jerk from behind her, his arms tightening their hold on her. Her hips thrust forward, an involuntary reaction to the overstimulation, an unsubtle quest for more. She tipped her head back, her eyes closing as the flash fire started between her thighs.

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