“Open your eyes.” Luke demanded, his hands moving to her breasts, pinching her nipples as she forced her eyes open, the pain laced pleasure shooting to her core, ricocheting off of the spiral of heat Cole inflicted with the sexy way his tongue stroked them both at the same time.

“I want you to watch as he licks your pussy, the way his hot fucking mouth eats at you while you squirm in my arms.”

Sam nodded, unsure whether she needed to or not, Luke hadn’t been asking her permission.

“His tongue is so fucking hot. His hot mouth like a furnace. God, it’s so fucking good.” Luke groaned, and Sam thought he might come, but he held back, never taking his eyes off of his cock, lying between her splayed pussy lips.

Sam couldn’t speak. Couldn’t push the words past the lump in her throat. She wanted to beg for more, insist that he stop torturing her; instead she gripped Cole’s head with her hands, pulling him to her, feeling the silky strands of his golden blond hair brush over her fingers, another sensation she couldn’t wrap her mind around.

“That’s it, baby. Fuck his mouth.” Luke urged, biting her neck, small stinging bites, followed by sweet, gentle flicks of his tongue easing the hurt.

“He likes it when you force him.” Luke groaned, his eyes glued to the erotic play of tongue on flesh between her thighs, the way Cole sucked her clit into her mouth, his own grunts of pleasure echoing through the room.

Sam couldn’t deny herself the chance to run her fingers over the smooth, sleek skin of Cole’s back, outlining the well-defined muscles, watching the push and pull rippling over him as he pressed her thighs further apart, feasting on her pussy like a starving man. There was a difference in the way he was with her than the way he was with Luke. There was no defiance in his gaze, no pulsing energy surrounding him, though he was taking her with a passion she hadn’t expected.

As hot as he was making her, as close to eruption as she was, Sam wanted more. She wanted everything these three men could give her, and worse than that, she wanted to watch. Turning her head so she could see Logan, his hazel eyes, still flecked with more green than brown, locked on hers, his need evident in the way he stood, the way he managed to keep his hands to himself, though she could see him holding back.

If he wasn’t going to let her hold back, then he wasn’t allowed to either.

“I want to taste you.” She whispered, her voice louder than she expected. All three men turned their attention on her, waiting to see what she would do next. Logan stood, unzipping his already unbuttoned jeans and lowering them down his thighs, the thick, swollen head of his cock peeking out between his fist as he stroked long and slow.

“Come taste me.” He told her, and it almost sounded like a dare.


Logan had been sitting to the side, holding onto the last shreds of his control as he watched Luke and Cole, one man’s head between her sweet, sexy thighs, the others hands pinching and prodding her nipples, the rapture apparent on her face.

If she hadn’t just come a few minutes before in his arms, riding his fingers, he would have thought Sam was holding back. Then when those crystalline green eyes locked on him, he’d nearly lost his breath. Though both of those men would bring her more physical satisfaction than any one man alone, she had reached out to him.

He watched her, the pink tip of her tongue darting out to lick her lips, and he wanted to feel her mouth wrapped around his dick so bad, he throbbed with the need. He’d lowered his jeans and had to grip his cock, holding back the urge to come right then and there, just from the look in her eyes.

“Come here.” He ordered her, and she turned back to Cole who was still feasting on her sweet nectar, the glow in the man’s blue eyes darkened as he took from her what most men would kill to have. “Now.”

He still wasn’t ready to take her yet, there was something he needed her to see, but since he wasn’t orchestrating this carnal seduction, he knew he had to bide his time. The way Luke openly demanded Cole, Logan didn’t think he would have to wait long.

Holding out a hand, he helped Sam as she climbed over Luke, leaving Cole still between his brother’s legs, his mouth wrapped tightly around Luke’s dick, his head bobbing up and down. Though Logan had never had any interest in having another man touch him, the eroticism of the act couldn’t be denied. With Luke, nothing could be denied though.

Logan leaned back against the edge of the couch, keeping his back to Luke and Cole so Sam would have a clear view.

“On your knees.” He told her, his control slipping. “That’s it, baby. God your mouth is so fucking hot.” She was scorching him with her tongue as she quickly dropped to her knees, her lips pulling him in, her tongue wrapping around him, gliding up and down, making him crazy with the need to come right down her throat.

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