The only sound in the room were those of Luke’s and Logan’s grunts, the sweet sound of Sam’s mouth devouring his dick and Cole bathing Luke’s cock with his own mouth.

“Suck harder.” Luke’s words reverberated through the room, the tone hard, laced with an anger that Logan knew his brother fed off of like a drug. “I’m going to come down your throat. Take all of me, damn you.”

Logan knew the second the words sparked a fire inside of Sam because her mouth tightened around him, pulling him deeper, her head moving faster, bobbing up and down as she used her hands to stroke him and play with his balls at the same time.

“Fuck!” Luke’s roar tore through the room, and if Logan was right, Sam had come from the sound alone.

He had no time to think about it though because she ripped his orgasm from him, gripping her head, holding her against him as he buried his cock in her mouth, shooting his seed down her throat as she fought not to gag on him.

Chapter Thirty Three

Sam couldn’t believe what had just happened. Whatever it was felt wicked and… dirty. Sam hovered on the edge of panic as she felt Logan lift her into his arms, pulling her with him onto the black leather sofa that Luke and Cole had apparently vacated.

“Look at me, Sam.” Logan said, his tone was firm, yet soothing.

She risked a glance at him, and as their eyes met, Sam saw something she didn’t expect to see shining back at her. Those weren’t eyes of a man who had just made his woman get on her knees and suck him off, while, across the room, his twin brother had been blown by another man. No, these were the eyes of the man Sam had fallen in love with so many weeks ago. A tender, yet possessive spark burned bright, warming her in places that had gone suddenly cold.

It made her feel better about what had happened, but she was still reeling from the fact that she had had an explosive orgasm and not a damn soul had touched her. She hadn’t even touched herself. How the hell did that happen? All from the words of a dark, dangerous man as he sought his pleasure in whatever outlet he could find.

“It’s ok, baby.” Logan whispered, brushing a kiss near her ear, holding her against him, their naked bodies pressed tight together, his warmth seeping into her. “That was the sexiest damn thing I’ve ever seen.”

As much as she wanted to deny his words, she believed him. After all they had been through, all he subjected her to, Logan McCoy was not a man to say words he didn’t mean.

“But, I –” Hell, she couldn’t even say it out loud.

“You what, Sam? You came apart? You were hot enough to split at the seams, and you came with my dick in your mouth.” His words shocked her, but looking at him, she got the feeling that was what he intended to do.

Yes, technically, that’s what she had done, but she had done it from Luke’s words alone. The way his voice boomed through the room, the impact of his release jarred her to the depths of her soul, knowing how he let himself go, how he spared nothing to find his release.

She turned, trying to see if Luke and Cole were still in the room, but she couldn’t see them. She wondered what they were doing, and for a moment, she feared they would do it without gifting her with the pleasure of watching them.

God, she was perverse.

“We’re not through, baby.” Logan turned her chin back so she was facing him, and pressed his lips firmly against hers. The taste of him, masculine and spicy, was like a toxin to her bloodstream, sending surges of pleasure so deep Sam had to clinch her internal muscles tighter.

She loved the taste of him, the feel of the corded muscles in his arms, the raspy feel of his chest hair as it rubbed against her nipples, and the light bristle of hair along his jaw. She loved the silky feel of his midnight black hair as it slipped through her fingers, and the way his teeth nipped her bottom lip when he wanted her attention. And above all else, she loved Logan with a depth of affection she hadn’t known existed. He had more power over her than any one person should have, and he could break her heart so easily.

“I love you, Sam.” His voice was low, his body moving over her, pressing her into the cool leather, his thigh pressing between hers, applying just enough pressure to make her heart rate increase, and her body ache to have him inside of her. It had been too long since she felt him inside of her.

“I need to feel you, Logan. Please.” She begged, holding his face in her hands as she pulled his lips closer.

“I know, baby. You will. I promise.”

Sam jerked her head back. Was he denying her this? Was he unwilling to make love to her?

Instead of pressing closer, he pushed up and off of her, his arms flexing from the weight as he rolled off of her, getting to his feet. Then she was being lifted, being carried, and the way Logan held her was so different from when Luke had. She felt safer in his arms, and there was a possessiveness with Logan that she didn’t feel with Luke.