“I need more.” She told him as he moved across the room. She could see a bed, a giant bed, covered with a satin duvet, and a handful of pillows.

“I promise you’ll have more, baby. Give me this. Tonight. Just give me this and you’ll have all you ever wanted.”

Sam wasn’t sure what he meant, but she could see Luke’s form in her periphery, and she suspected what he wanted from her. As much as she wanted to tell him no, to insist that this only be about her and Logan, she couldn’t. She didn’t want to tell him no. Sam wanted to accept everything Logan would give her, even the gratification he found by having her take another man inside her body.

Logan sat on the bed, pulling her down on top of him, their bodies aligning perfectly. She straddled his hips, pressing her wet folds over the hard ridge of his erection, wanting to push him inside, take him within her body and hold him there. His fingers slid through the long strands of her hair, pulling her head back so he could have access to her throat where he planted open mouthed kisses along her jaw.

“So sweet.” His words swept over her skin, her body flush against his, touching from chest to knee, only she wanted to get closer.

“Lift your hips.”

Sam lifted her hips, and Logan lay back, aligning their bodies so the head of his cock pressed against her snug entrance. He was so big, her body taking a moment to adjust to the width of him, as her juices pooled to allow him to go deeper.

“So good.”

And it was. Like heaven on earth, her body flooded with sensation, every nerve ending waking up, the familiar feel of him inside of her imprinted on her synapses. When he didn’t move, she tried to press into him, send him deeper, but he held her hips still.

“Kiss me.”

Sam could never say no to Logan’s kiss, so she pressed her mouth to his, his fingers digging into her scalp as his lips scalded her. It wasn’t a sweet, gentle kiss. This one was laced with dark hunger, an urgent passion and Sam was lost in it.

She felt someone, she wasn’t sure who, slide between her legs, parting her bottom with his hands firmly on her cheeks and then something so intense burst through her.

She whimpered as she soared, the feeling so foreign, and so good at the same time. He was licking her. There. Trying to break away from Logan, Sam found him holding her closer, the sweet invasion overriding common sense as a tongue buried deep into her anus.

“Let it feel good.” Logan coaxed her, her body rocking on his, pressing his cock further inside and then thrusting back against the hot, wet tongue doing unspeakable things to her.

“Fuck me, Logan. Oh God! Please fuck me.” Sam screamed, needing more. Then the warm feeling was gone, replaced by something cool and slick, before someone pressed against her, the remembered feel of being penetrated, being taken so intimately.

Another body moved into her line of sight – Luke – on his knees on the bed, his cock thick and hard, and she wanted to taste him, anything to ease the ache within her.

“That’s it, Sam. Put your sweet mouth on my cock.” Luke moaned, pressing the head of his cock against her lips, forcing them open as Logan began to rock inside of her, slowly, while Cole buried himself deeper into her ass.

So full. She was so full, all three men buried to the hilt inside of her body. She was going to split apart, fire ripping through her, her muscles tightening around Logan while her body tried to push out the foreign invasion.

God, it hurt.

Luke surged forward, pushing against the back of her throat, but she couldn’t focus, she couldn’t do anything but feel, the overwhelming urge to resist, and the desire to take all that they were giving her.

“Suck my cock, Sam. Use that sweet tongue. Just let us love you, baby.” Luke whispered, his hands sliding into her hair while Logan moved his hands to her breasts.

And then there was only feeling. An overwhelming sense of fullness, before Logan and Cole started thrusting, falling into a rhythm that offered sweet friction where she needed it most. Deeper. Harder. Faster. All three men thrust, not all at once, but somehow managing to keep her off balance, sliding deep, pulling out, then over and over. Oh God, she was going to explode. They didn’t ease up, they moved harder, faster, until…

“That’s it, baby. Come for us.”

The world tilted, bright lights flashed behind her eyelids and Sam flew over the precipice into an all-consuming maelstrom of ecstasy that filled her body with sheer bliss unlike anything she had ever known and anything she would ever know again.

There would always be this.

This first time, these three men.


Logan held Sam against him, she was boneless, her arms and legs unmoving as Cole pulled himself from her body. Even now, after his release had drained him, Logan felt the rigid length of Cole as he dislodged from Sam.

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