The man was still hard, apparently he hadn’t come, but neither had Luke. And Logan knew exactly what would come next. Logan knew his brother, understood him, and this was something he’d been holding out for.

“Don’t go to sleep.” Logan told the woman lying on top of him, her breathing slowing, her muscles relaxing. “I want you to watch. It’s not over yet.”

Logan didn’t move, but Luke and Cole didn’t appear to need him to. Instead, they readjusted their positions, only a foot or so away from them, as Cole knelt on the bed, Luke’s cock now sheathed with a condom lining up behind the other man.

“You’ve waited all night for this, haven’t you?” Luke demanded, his hand firm on Cole’s back.

Logan felt Sam’s body tense slightly; her eyes open as she watched the two men beside her. Her chest expanded as though she wanted to inhale more oxygen, but she didn’t release it.

“Answer me.” Luke grunted, gripping Cole’s hips and pulling his entire body closer.

“Yes.” Cole bit out the single word.

“You want me to take your ass, don’t you?” Luke used the tube of lubrication that Cole had used earlier, covering his cock, and then thrusting two fingers inside of Cole, easing the cool gel inside of him.

Logan watched, as did Sam, unable to tear his gaze off of the two men. For as long as Logan could remember, Luke had sought pleasure in various activities, and Cole was included in most of them. Having known Cole for a little over five years, he and his brother had been introduced to him before they purchased Club Destiny. Since that time, Luke and Cole had become closer, but as far as Logan knew, their relationship was not exclusive. Well, at least not where women were involved.

Luke had his share of women, and before Sam, Logan had been invited to a few of their trysts. But, Logan knew that Luke didn’t see other men, nor did he have sex with any. Though they maintained exclusivity, Logan got the impression that there was something deeper brewing between the two men, but his brother didn’t talk about it, and Logan didn’t ask.

As he watched, he felt Luke’s intensity. The twin bond had always been strong between the two of them. In Logan’s perspective and based on the research he had done on the dynamics of identical twins throughout his life, what he and Luke shared bordered on the paranormal, and there were many people who wouldn’t believe the depth of their bond.

There were times when Logan could feel Luke’s emotions, feel the depth of his feelings, whether it was anger or elation, it didn’t matter. Then there were times when Logan could feel himself being shut out by Luke.

For all of their lives, he and Luke had been close, best friends most of the time. Yet, as they grew older, settled into separate lives, they still maintained a close relationship, and they knew almost everything about the other. But now, today, Logan wasn’t so sure there wasn’t a deeper side to his brother that Luke kept locked away, hidden from even him.

Seeing the strength in the way Luke handled Cole, Logan could feel something other than sexual attraction radiating off of the man. There was an aggression to their sex, the way Luke controlled Cole. Like they were forcing themselves to hold back, and for what reason, Logan feared he would never know.

“Watch, baby.” Logan whispered to Sam, stroking his hand over her back, up and down her spine.


Sam was watching, she couldn’t tear her eyes off of their masculine forms, Cole’s complete and total subjugation and Luke’s need to possess, to own the man kneeling before him. She could feel something in the air around them, and it had nothing to do with sex. Despite Luke’s harsh words, his need to overpower Cole, Sam could feel a desperation lingering, as though they fought hard to suppress something deeper.

Luke’s hand was pressed against the base of Cole’s spine, pushing him into the mattress, while he gently used three fingers to fuck him, gripping his own cock painfully tight. Sam couldn’t move, could barely breath as she anticipated the moment when Luke would claim him, would take him with utter abandon.

Cole didn’t say a word, but Sam could see the way he thrust against Luke’s fingers, the way his body locked tight when Luke pulled out.

And then, as she lay tense and waiting, Logan’s cock still lodged deep inside of her, she felt her own body come back to life, the images too overpowering to ignore, as her inner muscles milked Logan, trying to pull him into her body, though he was only semi erect.

Luke’s growl was animalistic as he forcefully thrust his cock into the other man’s ass, his fingers digging deeper into Cole’s hips as his entire body went rigid, his muscles defined and rock hard beneath his sweat dampened skin.