Luke took them back to Logan’s, and after quick showers, Logan drove them into work. She’d spent the day going through the formal transition from XTX to CISS, while he had been buried in back to back meetings.

That evening, when he had stopped by her office to see if she was ready, Logan learned that she had already gotten a ride home. When he called to check on her, she’d told him she was too tired and was heading to bed. He figured she needed some time to think through all of the things they had done, all of the things she had seen, and all of the overwhelming feelings they’d all been exposed to.

Speaking of feelings… Logan made a mental note to call Luke because his brother had gone AWOL.

Not that Luke’s disappearing was uncommon, he liked to get away from the daily grind, and he didn’t generally check in with Logan, but when he didn’t answer his phone the few times Logan had tried in the last two days, he was sure something was going on. Which, if he did get a hold of him, Luke would likely tell him the same thing Sam did, he needed time to think.


What they needed was to sit around and find a way to talk themselves out of what they felt. Tell themselves that what they did and what they felt didn’t mean a damn thing. That’s what they would be doing, and Logan wasn’t on board with that plan.

Lowering your inhibitions and having an open mind didn’t mean you couldn’t live your life like normal people. It only meant that you knew who you were and what you wanted.

Nothing wrong with that.

Slamming the laptop lid closed, Logan stormed out of the kitchen. He was beginning to get irritated, and the last thing he needed to do was take it out on some unsuspecting person. Instead, he chose to take a shower, try to clear his mind and figure out just what the hell he was supposed to do now.


Sam called Alex to let him know she would be taking the day off. She had something she had to do, and it could no longer wait. He was understanding and didn’t question her, which she appreciated. Not that it would have mattered if he had, Sam wasn’t sure she could have explained anything to her new employer anyway. To make sure she covered all of her bases, she also called Xavier to let him know she wouldn’t be in the office.

“Well, that’s very interesting.” Xavier stated, a hint of amusement in his voice.

Sam didn’t know whether she should question him or just let it be. In the end, her curiosity got the better of her. “What’s interesting?”

“Logan called in today, letting me know he would be working from home. Does that have anything to do with why you’re calling to let me know you won’t be here?”

Sam felt the heat creep up her neck, grateful that Xavier couldn’t see her reaction. “Actually, no.” Which was the truth. She hadn’t talked to Logan yet today, so she didn’t even know where he was. But, part of her agenda did include sitting down and talking to him.

“Right. Well, have a terrific day, Ms. Kielty.” Xavier laughed a deep, fulfilling laugh and the phone disconnected.

For about half a second, she wondered if she should rethink her plan and just head into the office. It was still early, just a few minutes after eight.

No. She had to do this. Now that she knew exactly where to find Logan, it made things easier anyway. Already dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, Sam grabbed her purse and keys and took off out the door. No reason to put off the inevitable.

On her way to Logan’s, her mind exploded with the same things she’d spent two days thinking about. Some of them involved Luke and Cole; some involved only her feelings about the situation. Which was why she needed to talk to Logan.

For two days she had managed to avoid him for the most part, and in turn, Sam had come to terms with everything she’d been worried about for too long. After the happy hour and Logan’s brief speech, Sam knew in her heart of hearts, exactly how she felt about him. The fact that she shared a bed with him, and his brother from time to time didn’t change that.

Sure, she was still in awe of her own reactions. She’d never considered herself a sexual person, but the heat they managed to draw out of her was potent. Undeniable.

Pulling into the driveway at Logan’s, she left her purse but grabbed the keys from the ignition. Since she couldn’t see his vehicles in the closed garages, she wasn’t sure if he was even home, but she was going to try. After ringing the doorbell twice and not getting an answer, her hope faded. Then she remembered she had a spare key that he had given her, his way of telling her that he wanted more, according to him.

After turning the key in the lock, she pushed the door open, but didn’t hear a sound. Apparently he wasn’t home, and since she’d run out of her apartment without grabbing her cell phone, she had no way of calling him, unless she used his phone.