Making her way to the kitchen, she saw his laptop was on the counter, but he was nowhere in sight. A quick glance at the bar told her the handset to his cordless phone was missing, so she headed for his bedroom where he generally kept it.

Once she stepped into his room, she heard the unmistakable sound of his shower. Sneaking toward the bathroom, she could clearly see his form through the reflection in the mirror. What she saw took her breath away.

Logan was standing in the shower, his hands braced against the wall, his head hanging between his arms and the water sluicing over his naked form. The man was a masterpiece, hard muscle and sinew making up his powerful form, but the way he stood, he looked vulnerable.

Instead of announcing her presence like she probably should have, wanting to have this conversation on neutral ground, rather than in the one place that she still had memories of. Those memories scorched her, making her want things.

No, instead of doing the safe, logical thing, Sam disrobed quickly and silently walked in. Since there were no doors, there was nothing to announce her presence, so she slowly walked up behind him, and placed her hands on his back. He didn’t jump as she expected, but his sharp intake of breath told her that he knew who was there, and he didn’t have a problem with her being there.

Unable to say a word, her heart in her throat, Sam placed her mouth along the hard column of his spine, kissing lightly as water poured over them both. He was so beautiful, so intensely masculine, so incredibly sexy he stole her breath. She wondered if she would ever tire of looking at him.

“Samantha.” The word was said so quietly, Sam wondered if she had imagined it.

But when he turned, pulling her against him in the most tender embrace she had ever known, she knew she hadn’t. The swirl of emotions in his eyes took her breath, there was the expected passion, but there was something more. Something she had known for a while, the same thing she felt bubbling through her veins.

“God, baby, I missed you.” Logan pressed his mouth to hers, his kiss the most remarkable thing she had ever felt. The way he cupped her face, stared into her eyes and pressed his lips to hers, Sam was overwhelmed with feeling. This time, it wasn’t only need; it was something so much more than that.

Having thought she had known love before, Sam realized she had been totally oblivious. She had never known a love like this. Never felt this all-consuming need to be with someone, to hold him, to make love to him, and to spend every waking moment with him. Until Logan.

He had given that to her.

He had the courage to show her what she wanted, to let her explore desires she hadn’t known existed. And above all else, he had stood by her to make sure she came out of it in one piece.

As he backed her against the wall, Sam stared deep into his eyes, trying to read his expression, trying to understand what he was feeling, and trying to infuse him with the overwhelming love she felt for him.

He didn’t break the eye contact, and he didn’t kiss her. He lifted her up, pressing her back against the wall as he held her tight, her legs instinctively wrapping around his waist, her arms around his neck.

“I need to love you, Sam.” Logan’s voice sounded tortured, needy. “Let me love you.”

He broke her heart with his words, and she wanted him to love her. More than with just his body. But, for now, she would take this.

Logan shifted, sliding inside of her, taking his time, pressing deep. Sam’s breath caught in her throat, her body adjusting to his size, his hard length, the invariable strength and power she felt emanating from him.

Oh how she loved this man. Sam could stand to feel his arms wrapped around her every morning, his sweet kiss every night.

When his eyes averted her for the first time, Sam cupped his jaw with her hands, lifting his head to look at her. As he held her against the wall, they came nearly eye to eye, his body buried deep inside her while he stroked her slowly, gently even, bringing her to a fever pitch. But not only was the feel of him as he stroked nerve endings inside of her sending her higher, the love she felt for him nearly overwhelmed her, almost an out of body experience.

“I love you.” Sam whispered as the water poured down over them, the soft, black hair on his chest abraded her sensitive nipples. He pulled back, thrust harder. “Only you.” She was moaning now, barely able to speak as he began a sensual onslaught, his hips thrusting harder, but still maintaining the slow pace. “Always you.”

His penetrating gaze turned darker, the brown, tinged with green turning the color of storm clouds, seeing right through to the core of her. “Tell me you love me, Logan.” Sam whispered, still cupping his jaw, keeping them grounded in the moment as he plunged deeper inside of her body, sending her to new heights.