“Only you, baby. I love you.” He ground out, his body hardening even more than before, a sure sign of his impending release.

“Forever, Logan. Love me forever.” Sam was drawing the words from him, but he was giving them freely and her heart soared as her body clenched tighter, her muscles tensing to help hold her body up, trying to send him deeper.

“I will love you until my dying day, Sam.” His strangled words, said with such heart felt emotion sent her plunging into the abyss, her body shattered, milking him, pulling him closer.

And as Logan groaned, his release filling her, his eyes penetrating deep into her soul, Sam knew she would belong to this man forever.


Logan lay in his bed, Sam wrapped in his arms, her body gloriously naked against his, and nothing, not another man, not a single worry came between them in that moment.

When she had shown up in his shower, he’d been overwhelmed with his need for her, exceeding far more than sexual desire. His need to hold her, to touch her, to love her. And she had come to him. She had sought him out, shown him what her love meant, given herself over to him in that moment, and he knew without a doubt, he would make Sam his for eternity.

Now as they lay in his bed, their bodies sated from their love making, he had no desire to let her go. To hold her was more than he felt he deserved, but nothing less than he would take from her. His throat was clogged with emotion, so much that he could barely breathe, barely think for the intensity of what he felt for this one woman.

“Marry me.” He said the words before he knew they were coming. He’d been thinking them for the last forty eight hours, wanting nothing more than to give her wine and roses, fall to his knees and beg her to stay with him forever.

Now that he said them, he realized the setting wasn’t what he had envisioned, but he meant them just the same. As he held his breath, he waited for her reaction, half expecting her to tense in his arms, to be taken aback by his horrible timing.

What he got was just the opposite.

“Yes.” She didn’t move from his arms, didn’t try to turn and look at him; instead she spoke the word in the silence of the room, her lips pressing against his hand, those sweet, warm lips.

“Now.” He pushed her farther, wanting her to realize he was serious.

“Assuming you don’t mean right here in this bed, but yes, I will marry you, Logan. Anytime. Anywhere.”

“I don’t want to lose you, Sam. I’ll do anything to keep you in my world, anything to make you happy.” And he meant the words from the depth of his soul. Unsure why he felt the need to express the lengths he was willing to go for her, he couldn’t hold them back.

Then she turned in his arms, placing her cool fingers on his face as she looked at him, the vivid, iridescent green of her eyes glassy from unshed tears and the world slowed, his heart pounded painfully in his chest as he waited for her demands.

“Remember the conditions I made when we first started this?” She asked him, her voice trembling.

“I remember.”

Her head rested in the crook of his arm, her silky blond hair, the golden highlights contrasting brilliantly against his white sheets, her smooth, creamy skin flush from their earlier lovemaking.

“I left one off.”

Logan’s heart leapt into his throat. He knew this was coming, had been expecting it since her abrupt need to put a little distance between them. Though he’d tried to show her all of the ways in which he wanted to love her, to pleasure her, to make her love him.

“I want everything you have to give me, Logan. Everything.” Sam told him now, and he waited, trying to understand what she meant, but confusion was closing in around him.

She wanted everything, and he wanted to give her everything. Even if it meant changing who he was. He would do it for this one woman who had wiggled her way into his heart so quickly, so deeply.

“I don’t want you to change who you are, and I want to be who I am. I want to stand beside my conviction, to love you, be loved by you. Even when doubts plague my mind, I want you to know that I will always trust you, always believe that you will take care of me.”

That was what he wanted too. But had he heard her correctly? Was she saying that she accepted him for who he was?

“Even Luke?”

“Yes. Even Luke. What you’ve shown me defies imagination, but it’s been pleasure unlike any I have ever known. And though I know you will share my body with Luke, I need to know that you will never share my love.”

“Never.” Logan growled then, a flood of possessiveness overcoming him. He moved atop her quickly, pressing his body into hers, needing to feel her beneath him. “Mine, Sam. You will always be mine. Only mine.”

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