Sam looked up into his eyes, a small smile tilting her lips, a tear glistening down into her hair and Logan nearly lost his mind.

“That’s my condition, Logan.”

“And mine is that you never stop loving me, Sam.” He pressed a kiss to her lips, soft, gentle, holding back the sudden urge to bury himself inside of her.

All morning he’d been moving around his empty house like a caged animal, the fear boiling in his chest, making him vulnerable. He’d finally come to the conclusion that he had to convince her that no matter what it took, he would make her his. He would change. For her. The thoughts had plagued him, but nothing compared to the way his heart had feared she would be unable to accept what he wanted from her.

“Never.” She said, the word choked out, a sob tearing from her chest as he slid inside of her again, her body sheathing him with her heat. “I will never stop loving you.”

He’d never tire of this.


“You look beautiful.” Deanna smiled; her sweet, chipper voice was no different from when she was in the office.

“Thank you. You look stunning yourself.” Sam replied, taking in the other woman. Deanna was wearing a floor length navy blue velvet gown that accentuated her beautiful blue eyes and was a perfect contrast to her gleaming gold hair.

“We did pretty well, don’t you think?” She asked as the two women stood near the entrance, greeting guests as they flowed in and out of the large convention center ballroom.

“I think so. Though, I’m not sure you or I actually did anything at all.” Sam smiled facetiously. “Veronica is a bulldog when it comes to these things.”

“That she is.” Deanna agreed.

“Did one of you seriously refer to me as a four legged animal?” The seductive voice came from behind them, a deep, sensual laugh that caused men’s heads to turn.

Sam turned to see the woman solely responsible for the successful XTX Christmas Party.

Veronica looked stunning in a red satin sheath dress that hugged every curve, her long black hair flowing like a curtain down her back. Sam had seen more than one man do a double take when she walked by.

“I’d say we all did a great job.” Veronica agreed as she gave Sam a quick hug, then turned to Deanna for the same.

“Well, we all know the credit belongs to you.” Deanna smiled her beautiful smile, her eyes searching the room.

“Where’s Tommy?” Sam asked, her eyes following the path that Deanna’s had.

“He’s somewhere around here. You know men, when they get together they like to venture off into a corner so they aren’t cornered into dancing with the one they brought.”

Sam laughed. The man she had come with apparently hadn’t gotten that memo. Logan had kept her on the dance floor for the first half hour after they arrived, only giving her a brief reprieve when Xavier had interrupted. The two men had disappeared somewhere, and Sam had jumped at the opportunity to take a break.

After their arrival, Logan had whispered some seductive words and promises for later, in between his greetings of their guests.

Sam had decided that he liked to see her blush, which he had been successful at numerous times.

Sam’s gaze searched the room, hoping to catch a glance of Logan somewhere, only to find her eyes landing on Alex McDermott, standing stone faced only a few feet away. He didn’t look happy, and his attention was on a woman on the dance floor.

Sam had seen the woman earlier, a beautiful, petite brunette wearing a shimmering silver gown, her hair upswept in some intricate style. They hadn’t been formally introduced yet, but Logan had pointed her out earlier in the evening. She was none other than the famous Ashleigh Thomas, Xavier’s granddaughter, and apparently the woman who got away as far as Alex was concerned.

Logan hadn’t elaborated much past that, but based on the way Alex trailed the other woman’s every move, Sam got the impression there was something between the two of them. Even Dylan Thomas, Ashleigh’s brother, and Sam’s other boss had made reference over the last month or so to Alex’s feelings toward his sister. Generally, they seemed to be said in order to get a rise out of Alex. For the most part, they worked.

“Mind if I steal this beautiful woman for a little while?” The deep, dark voice pierced the air, and caused Sam’s attention to turn toward the man who had just approached.

Logan stood behind her, devastatingly handsome in his tuxedo, the mischievous gleam in his eye making her insides tighten. Sam wasn’t sure how he could still manage to get to her the way he did, but it was unmistakable, when Logan was near, she felt him to the depths of her soul.