The weekend had been one of the longest in recent history. Long and frustrating. She hadn’t been able to keep her mind off of her conversation with Logan. Ok, so not necessarily the conversation, more so the view, but that was all in the details.

In an effort to bring the job opportunity into perspective, Sam spent most of Saturday at her parents’ house. After sharing the details with her father, a corporate man himself, she hadn’t felt any more prepared for this trip than before she spoke to him. But, he urged her to keep an open mind, and somehow she managed to do just that.

Saturday night, Sam spent hours tossing and turning in her bed, her mind whirling with images of Logan McCoy. The instant attraction she felt toward him was utterly inappropriate, yet she hadn’t been able to erase him from her thoughts.

After a particularly restless night, Sam had woken with a renewed sense of determination. She needed to get her social life in gear, and lusting after the boss, regardless of how appealing the man was, would not be a good way to start.

Hell, random sex with a complete stranger would be better than… ok, maybe not, but at this point, she would give anything for just a fraction of time to focus.

By the time she reached the third floor, Samantha realized she should have taken the elevator. As active as she was, even after her hour workout in the hotel’s fully equipped gym that morning, she felt a little winded. And quite frankly, the stress snacking she’d indulged in over the weekend had her wondering if she ought to go back to the gym after work too. She wasn’t generally prone to eating junk food, but the way her mind continued to dwell on images of Logan, she had been forced to deviate from her regular, rigid diet. It hadn’t helped.

The third floor of the Dallas office was less flashy than the entry of the building, but not by much. The floor was lined with chest high cubicles held together with standard grey lined walls but that was where the similarities with the San Antonio office ended.

Samantha oriented herself with her directions and headed toward the northwest corner as Deanna instructed.

Her heels clicked on the tiled floor as she ventured down the long, narrow corridor making her feel like she was announcing her arrival. Unfortunately, there was no way for her to reduce the amount of noise she was making, so Sam held her head high and continued on.

Halfway to her destination, her eyes took notice of two men walking her way. Based on her erotic dreams over the weekend, she was pretty sure the taller of the two men was Logan McCoy. This man had the same dark eyebrows slanted in thought, the same strong jaw line and short, black hair that rested just on the top of his shirt collar.

Her body heated, and her stomach flipped repeatedly. Definitely her soon to be new boss, and there went her hope that his rugged appeal had been a trick of the computer screen.

What she hadn’t expected was for him to be so big. She estimated him to be approximately six and a half feet tall, with a large build that complimented his height perfectly. Based on the well-defined forearms that she could see beneath his rolled up shirt sleeves, Logan McCoy was extremely active.

Despite his size, he had a confident, almost graceful stride. She held her head high and continued on her path, trying not to trip over her own two feet as she held her breath.

As she passed him, their eyes locked on one another, and he gave her the same crooked, devilish smile she had seen during their call on Friday. Her body shuddered, and she prayed that it was only an internal reaction – wouldn’t that be a fantastic way to greet your new boss for the first time.

Hi, I’m Samantha Kielty and apparently my body has a thing for yours.

She gave a polite smile and continued making her way to the area Deanna had said to go. She forced herself not to look back, but she felt the heat of someone’s eyes on the back of her neck. She came upon the admin’s desk and noticed the very petite, pretty, blonde woman sitting in front of her computer monitor, staring intently at the screen and talking into her headset. When Deanna noticed her, she gave a bright white smile and held up one finger letting Sam know she would be just a minute.

Sam positioned her bag on her shoulder and walked over to the window behind Deanna’s desk, staring out at the rolling hills that went as far as the eye could see.

It was a lovely view with the soft, green grass blowing gently in the morning breeze, also something remarkably different from the San Antonio office where the views were of the surrounding concrete jungle, just square buildings and parking lots.

“Good morning, Ms. Kielty. I’m so glad you made it. Did you have any trouble finding us?” Deanna’s voice was light and gentle and extremely friendly.

“Not at all. You give excellent directions.” Samantha turned back to the woman, giving her full attention, quite pleased with herself and the fact she had managed not to ogle Logan any more than she already had.