Sam got the impression he was still trying to sell her the job, and he probably was. A little bit of disappointment crept through her. Part of her wanted him to try and convince her because he wanted her here, not just because she was the most qualified for the job.

“Why exactly did you ask for me?” Sam had to get the conversation back on safer ground. Work was safe.

She wanted to know what made him believe she was qualified for the job. Her resume spoke for itself, but she was pretty sure Logan wasn’t the type to rely on a one page bio to give him the information he needed to make this type of decision.

“James is very fond of you. So much so, I was almost inclined to see if the two of you were related.” He joked. “When I called him to see if he knew of anyone who would fit the qualifications, already knowing you would, he confirmed it. He mentioned you, and we discussed the accomplishments you’ve made thus far. They’re rather impressive.”

“Thank you.” At that moment, the waitress chose to interrupt them.

The woman was young, maybe early twenties and Sam didn’t miss the way she batted her eyelashes and bit her lower lip as she ogled Logan. It was the look that told him she was extremely interested and that if he asked for her phone number, she would probably already have it on a slip of paper in her pocket.

“Are you guys ready to order, or do you need a few more minutes.” The young lady asked, her voice soft and sexy as she eyed Logan, her eyelashes sheepishly fluttering.

Neither of them had looked at the menu, so Logan glanced over at Sam. “You ready?”

Sam didn’t hesitate as she rattled off her order, her eyes never leaving Logan’s. She wasn’t sure what made her stare back at him, but something deep inside of her felt threatened by the young woman with the perky breasts, blonde hair and big, blue eyes. Something so powerful she forgot for a single moment that she wasn’t on a date, but rather a casual, business lunch.

Something inside of Sam tingled, her thighs clinching tightly as he seemed to be eyeing her with as much heat as she was him.

“I’ll have the same.” Logan’s deep voice rumbled, sending shockwaves of electricity reverberating straight to her core. He never broke eye contact, and Sam was sure he could see her interest.

“I’ll put your order right in. If you need anything else, my name is Heather.” The perky, young woman said sweetly, clearly oblivious to Logan’s lack of interest.

“Thank you, Heather.” Sam managed a professional tone, briefly glancing up at the other woman, before her eyes locked with Logan’s again.

A chill ran down her spine, physically making her tremble, as the thought of kissing Logan ran through her mind. Would sparks fly if he kissed her? She could almost feel the warmth of his lips on hers, and she fought to erase the inappropriate thought. Although it continued to teeter on the edge of her conscience.

“I take it you’ve been here before?” Logan asked, still holding her gaze.

“Sure. This chain is all over Texas. I’ve always liked it.” Ok break the eye contact Samantha. Take it back to safer ground. “So, where were we?”

Thankfully Logan picked right back up where they had left off.

“After talking to James, I discussed you with a few of the PMs in my office, and they had good things to say about you. Even Jeff offered up your name as a replacement for him. At that point, I was sold. I didn’t even need to hear the feedback I received from your team. You’re a very popular person within the company.”

Sam was embarrassed by his praise, but she did her best to keep her composure. She found she wanted this job more and more. Unfortunately, she also wanted this man.

“I’m glad to hear that. To know I’ve managed to build some strong relationships makes it all seem worthwhile. I enjoy working for XTX, and I think I’ll enjoy Dallas just as much as San Antonio.” If not more. She thought the last part, and was glad it hadn’t tumbled out of her mouth.

The remainder of the lunch went well, the two of them discussing more in depth what the priorities of the organization were and the overall objectives of the upcoming projects. By the end, Sam was ready to tell him yes, she would take the job, but she still wanted to talk to Jeff a little more. If for nothing else than to make Logan sweat a little.

The thought of him sweating nearly had her coming undone.

Sam offered to pay for her own meal, but Logan insisted, using the excuse that it was on the company. As they walked out to the car, she could almost feel his body heat as close as he seemed to be. Maybe it was her imagination.

Logan had been completely professional all through lunch. After all, she was the one with the devious thoughts that seemed to be wandering into unchartered territory. Sam had to get over the school girl crush she seemed to have developed and keep the relationship professional.