If that encounter hadn’t been intimidating, Sam found herself feeling way out of her league as she maneuvered through the wide, paved streets, immaculate two and even three story mansions lining both sides. Their lawns were impeccably landscaped, the cars that dotted the circular drives worth more than she made in an entire year.

When she finally arrived at the address Deanna had given her, the wide circular drive lined with lush, green boxed hedges welcomed her as she pulled her SUV into an empty spot. Logan’s large stone home sat several yards from the street, surrounded by a freshly mowed, thick, green lawn with bright, blooming flower beds outlining the beautiful house.

With a little reservation, Sam climbed out of her truck, grabbed her bag from the backseat and then finally coaxed her legs into moving. As she made her way up the winding path that led to the front door, Samantha admired the brilliant colors that bloomed in the vast gardens on both sides.

Although she shouldn’t have been surprised, Sam still had a hard time wrapping her mind around the vast differences between her and Logan.

She was the type who pinched her pennies, letting her savings grow as though she actually had a plan for the future. Rather than owning something of her own, she chose to waste her money on rent so she didn’t get tied down to anything. She had contemplated buying a house in the recent past but because of her commitment phobia she had yet to even begin looking.

By the looks of the grounds surrounding Logan’s exquisite estate, he didn’t mind dropping money here and there on things that were obviously important to him. She envied his ability to settle down at least that much.

Although he seemed to be her polar opposite when it came to residences, her body heated with every thought of him and she woke repeatedly every night from erotic dreams that starred Logan. And recent dreams had definitely been filled with the man. Each night seemed to be more man, less clothing.

Almost to the oversized front porch that resembled more of a pavilion than something on the front of a house, Sam wished she could just get in her truck, drive back to her apartment and hide for the weekend. But, if nothing else, she needed to make an appearance, just to show her employees that she was a team player and supported team functions.

The front door was open when she reached the porch, the only thing between her and the room full of people was a solid glass storm door. She took a deep breath and reached for the handle. The moment she entered, she was almost knocked over by a huge animal, resembling an enormous black bear.

“Bear, sit.” Jim Jeffries, one of her project managers, said from across the room as he headed her way.

Sam took in a deep breath and stared into the face of what had to be the biggest German shepherd she had ever seen. Not that she had personally seen many.

“Hi.” She greeted the dog, her voice trembling.

Sam relaxed a little when the dog didn’t move, simply began vigorously shaking his hind end, his tail wagging back and forth against the Travertine tiled floor.

Looking up from the dog, she saw that no one appeared alarmed, so she slowly held out her hand, giving the dog the opportunity to smell her. When he pressed his massive head into her palm, she took it as an invitation to pet him.

Instinctively, she squatted down to greet him appropriately and was greeted back with a lick to her face. The laugh that escaped allowed all of the tension to fade away and Bear seemed to think that was a sign to give her more affection. The friendly, overgrown animal pressed his warm, furry body against her, and she had to lock her legs to keep from falling to the floor.

“It’s great to meet you too, boy.” She said as she gave him a full body rub and slowly stood. “I think I better go talk to some of the humans, but don’t worry, I’ll check in with you later.” She spoke to Bear as though he would understand.

She took in her surroundings, trying to put names with the faces of those she could see from the doorway. Looking back down at the dog, she suddenly wished she could just hang out with him for the remainder of the afternoon. She’d always had a deep affection for animals, but due to her schedule, she’d never felt she could provide enough attention to an animal of her own.

“Hey, Sam. Glad you could make it.” The same voice that had called the dog earlier spoke again, and Sam turned to see Jim standing only a few feet away, beside him an extremely attractive red head.

“I wouldn’t miss it.” She replied, then held out her hand to shake his in greeting.

“Sam, this is my wife, Paulina. Paulina, this is Samantha Kielty, my boss.”

“It’s very nice to meet you, Sam.” Paulina greeted as she shook her hand.

“Very nice to meet you. Jim talks so much about you.” Sam smiled, noting the dreamy way Paulina glanced over at her husband. The pretty red head couldn’t have been older than twenty two, maybe twenty three. Her bright green eyes sparkled as she looked at Sam and back down at Bear.

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