“I think you’ve made a friend there.” Paulina laughed.

Sam looked down to find Bear sitting beside her, his big body pressed up against her leg. “Looks like it. Is he Logan’s?”

“His brother’s actually. His name is Bear.” Jim confirmed, taking Paulina’s hand in his and pulling her closer. “You’ll find the rest of the gang out by the pool. Logan’s running around somewhere.”

“Thanks. I guess I’ll go and let them know I made it. `I hear this is a frequent thing.” Sam said a little shyly. “I hope I’ll fit in.” Suddenly blushing from embarrassment, Samantha realized how insecure she sounded.

“I don’t think you have to worry about that. In case we haven’t mentioned it, we’re extremely glad to have you. It’s been an interesting couple of months, and quite frankly, I think all of us are just excited to see the progress we’ve made since you came on board. I don’t think we’ve seen this much cooperation and streamlining of projects in the entire time I’ve been with the company.” Jim boasted, sounding genuinely happy.

This time the blush was due to Jim’s compliments. She hadn’t been given much feedback from her direct reports, probably because they were still trying to get comfortable with her. “That’s great to hear, Jim. And it was so nice to meet you, Paulina. If I don’t see you before I go, I hope you have a great weekend.”

Sam gave Bear another loving pat before she turned to go in the direction of what she assumed was the back of the house. She tried to take in the decor, noting the warm colors on the walls, the large vases full of fresh flowers, and the dark, masculine wood furniture. She wondered if Logan had decorated the house himself. He didn’t come off as an interior design type of guy, so he’d probably hired a designer. With him, though, she didn’t want to make any assumptions. She’d more than likely be wrong.

When she headed down the long hall, Bear fell into step beside her, and she looked down to speak to him. While she was mumbling sweet words, paying no attention to where she was going, Sam collided with something hard. And warm.

“I’m so sorry. I wasn’t watching where –” Stumbling more as she tried to gain her balance, Sam fell head long into a very familiar, very broad chest.

“Sam. I’m glad you made it.” Logan’s deep voice rumbled through the darkened hallway.

When his hands braced her shoulders, an apparent attempt to hold her upright, Sam felt his entire body go taut. She had the same reaction, her body tensing as she became aware of how close they actually were. And just as it had in the parking lot at their first lunch meeting, Sam felt the underlying sexual need spark between them.

For a brief second, she entertained the idea of relishing the feel of his large, calloused hands on her bare shoulders. She wasn’t sure if she was moving closer, or he was, but neither of them seemed to be able to back away.

His presence overwhelmed her, the warmth of his hands on her shoulders, the intoxicating scent of musk and man had her knees feeling like jelly. And then, before she was ready, the heat from his palms left her, and she suddenly ached for them to return. Feeling embarrassed and highly aroused, Sam turned her attention to the traitorous dog who now sat at Logan’s side.

“Sorry, I was having a conversation with Bear.” She admitted, trying to lighten the tension flaming like a wild fire around them.

“Bear? Well, he’s a decent conversationalist.” Logan admitted as he took a step back, his eyes boring into her.

So much for all of the distance she’d managed to put between them for the last few weeks. One single touch and her body betrayed her. Sam hated that she couldn’t muster up any of her control from her never ending supply.

This tall, well-built man was out of her league, yet he intrigued her, not to mention he smelled so damn good. What was it with him? She had never been around a man that smelled that good. It must be the pheromones.

When her gaze collided with his piercing blue-gray eyes, his presence overwhelmed her, his confidence filled the air around them, making it hard to breathe while his muscular body towered over her. She wondered if he felt the strange connection that seemed to linger between them. There was an odd sense of comfort, a sort of security that she felt when he was near.

Chapter Eight

Logan watched the emotions play across Sam’s beautiful face. She seemed distracted and confused all at the same time. Maybe she was thinking the same thing he was. What would it feel like to pull her in his arms and put his mouth on hers? Her soft, sweet lips seemed to beg for his kiss, and he knew they would taste as good as they looked.

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