“Well, it was nice of you to try to play match maker, but it won’t do you any good. Logan and I work together. He’s my boss. There isn’t anything going on between us.”

“I wouldn’t say that too loud.” Alex whispered as he leaned closer, smiling again. “He might hear you and I don’t think he has the same opinion as you do in this matter.

“For what it’s worth, he’s a good man. Once he sets his sights on something he wants, he goes after it with everything he’s got. So, if you’re trying to convince yourself there isn’t anything between the two of you, that’s one thing. Convincing him will be an entirely different story. It was terrific seeing you again, Sam.” Alex gently touched her shoulder, then turned and sauntered off.

Sam watched as he walked away, feeling like she’d just been given encouragement she didn’t need or want. “It was good to see you, too.”

Deciding she better take the opportunity to make her escape while she still could, Sam went to face the music. She needed to say goodbye to her host. She had just mustered up the courage to approach him when Deanna walked her way.

“Hey, Sam, I’m going to get out of here. I need to get home to my kiddos. Thank you so much for coming out. Let’s go to lunch next week. I know this fantastic new restaurant that just opened up across the street that I’ve been dying to try.”

“That sounds like a great idea.” Sam responded and then hesitantly accepted the hug Deanna offered. “I’ll see you at the office on Monday.”

“Make that Tuesday. Monday is a holiday, remember? Wouldn’t want you to show up when no one was there.” Deanna laughed as she turned and grabbed her husband’s arm, steering him toward the house.

"Good idea. Nice to meet you, Tommy.” Sam smiled shyly. She had forgotten that it was a holiday weekend.

Just what she needed. More alone time.

Rather than hesitate any longer, Sam headed toward the veranda where Logan was standing, still talking to the others. “I think I’m going to get out of here. Looks like the party is winding down and I’m sure you’re ready for a break. Is there anything I can do before I go?”

“Actually, there is. Gentlemen, if you’ll excuse me for a minute.” Logan backed away from the group of men, gently guiding Sam to the house with his hand at her back.

She felt the warmth of his touch like a flame kissing her skin. Along with the heat came that odd sense of safety, coupled with a large dose of fear.

“Do you need help cleaning up? I’ll be glad to help.” She offered when they made it away from the others.

“Actually, no.” Logan gestured to the two women who were moving quickly around his kitchen, apparently hired to clean up the mess. “I would like to ask you to stay though. I’ll get rid of everyone else, and then we can talk. I haven’t seen much of you over the last couple of months, and I’d like to see how things are going.”

Sam’s first thought was to say yes, she’d stay. For as long as he wanted her to. But, the part of her brain that housed her common sense managed to speak up louder than the part that was led by her hormones. “We can catch up on Tuesday.”

When Logan’s gaze turned hot, Sam knew he didn’t just want to talk about work. And there lay the problem.

“I’m not past begging, Sam. I’d like the opportunity to talk to you away from the office.”

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea, Logan.” She whispered, but he quickly interrupted.

“Good idea or not, I’m past that point. Please stay.” He lowered his voice, taking her hands in his.

Her body reacted with a flood of desire, making it almost impossible to deny him anything just from the roughness caressing her fingers. She ached to have his hands on her body, and that thought caused her to jerk her hands away from him. Maybe they could compromise. She’d stay so they could talk, but he couldn’t touch her.

“Ok. To talk. That’s all.”

“That’s all.” He confirmed, that damned sexy, crooked smile gracing his lips. “I’ll have everyone gone in ten minutes.”

Sam nodded her head, though her brain was screaming at her to turn and run. Agreeing to stay was going to be the worst decision she’d made in a long time.

She wasn’t naive enough to believe they would only talk when the two of them were alone and away from prying eyes. Given half a chance, talking would quickly lead to something entirely different and as much as she wanted to deny it, Sam wanted Logan more than her next breath. When it came to him, she had zero self-control.

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