“I don’t want you to leave. I promised we would only talk, and I meant it. I’m not sorry I kissed you, but I don’t want you to leave. Please stay. I promise to control myself.”

It was the hardest promise he would ever have to keep. Sam leaned against him, but she didn’t turn around.

“Talking only. You promised, and I’m holding you to it.” She whispered, still breathless.

Logan took her hand and turned her around to face him. “Promise.”

“I just don’t want this to end badly. You’re my boss.”

“Only at work. I’m not your boss right now.” He knew exactly where she was coming from. “We’re both mature enough that we can keep the two separated. Now, let’s go watch a movie.”

He pulled her along beside him, and he liked how she let him lead the way. He quickly looked around to make sure they were completely alone, knowing the maid service would have finished up a while ago.

Bypassing the kitchen, he led her to the living room and stopped in front of the oversized sofa. When she lowered herself to the couch, he picked up the remote from the end table, hitting a couple of buttons to turn on the television and to turn down the lights.

With the room dark, Logan said a silent prayer, asking for the strength to keep his promise. Taking a seat at the opposite end of the couch, Logan whispered her name and then motioned for her to join him. At first he thought she wouldn’t, but then with a deep sigh, she stood and headed his way.

Once she was seated again, about a foot away, he moved his leg behind her and pulled her back against his chest. Wrapping his arms around her, he rested them on her flat stomach, just beneath the generous swells of her breasts. He sent out another silent prayer.

Halfway through the movie, Logan noted the difference in Sam’s breathing and realized she’d fallen asleep. He wondered whether he should wake her. She’d been adamant that she needed to go home. But, he didn’t want her to go. Not just yet. And he knew if he woke her to ask, she’d come up with an excuse to leave.

He waited for the suffocating feeling to take over. The one that told him it was definitely time for her to go. It didn’t come. For the first time in years, he didn’t feel the need to send her on her way.

Come Tuesday, he didn’t know what would be in store for them, but he didn’t have to worry about that now. He wanted to sleep beside her, to hold her close to him through the night. Because quite frankly, it just felt right to hold her in his arms.

Well, that was somewhat of a lie because parts of his body were so affected by her nearness that it bordered on painful, but it was more important to have her near him than it was to take advantage of the situation.

He continued to watch the movie until it ended. He hit the button on the remote to turn off the television and maneuvered out from under her. She was sleeping so deeply that she didn’t budge, not even when he lifted her in his arms and carried her into his bedroom.

They wouldn’t fit on the couch together, mainly because he wouldn’t fit on the couch at all, and he knew she was tired so he would put her in his bed. He wouldn’t attempt anything; he would just sleep beside her, as he promised.

After laying her down, he climbed in beside her, situating the comforter over them both. He left his shorts on but removed his shirt. Harmless, he thought to himself. He pulled her closer and felt all of his blood pool south when she cradled herself up against him.

Harmless – yeah, fucking right.

God she felt good.

She smelled like vanilla and lavender, and her body drove him crazy. He wasn’t thinking straight. This was going to get out of hand, but he couldn’t do anything but sit back and watch the train wreck coming down the tracks. He wanted her desperately.

That thought caught him off guard. Logan hadn’t given any consideration to what he would want from Sam, aside from the scorching heat he felt when she was near. He wondered if what he would ask of her would scare her. There weren’t many limits to his sexuality. And it wasn’t just about fucking Sam; it was about pleasing her.

Nothing but her pleasure mattered to him, and he drifted off thinking of all of the ways he would pleasure her.

But not tonight. Tonight he would hold her.

Chapter Ten

Holy Hell. What had she done? How did she get here?

And please God say she had her clothes on.

Sam didn’t move, mainly because she didn’t want Logan to know she was awake. Not yet anyway. She focused on determining if she had her clothes on. She moved her arm slowly against her side.

Well, she could tell she still had her shirt on at least. Now, the bigger question. How did she end up in Logan’s bed and what did they do? She knew she didn’t drink that much wine.

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