Once they slept together he would usher her out of his house, and she would be more broken than she was before.

She learned her lesson with Nick. He had taken her heart and crushed it in the palm of his hand. For the past eight years, she spent her time trying to trust someone again. Guarding her heart and her feelings so fiercely, she hadn’t allowed herself to get close to anyone. She managed to gain some close friends out of the deal, but that was only because she closed herself off to any idea of romance and friendship was the only option left.

But, until Logan she had never felt so drawn to a man before.

Not even Nick.

It had to be due to the fact that Logan was her boss. He was off limits.


But with that came the fallout. Sam wouldn’t survive it. Her career wouldn’t survive it. To make it worse, she respected Logan when it came to business, and she couldn’t risk something going badly between them. They’d end up hating each other. That would make their lives so much harder, especially now that she was in Dallas, hopefully permanently.

But maybe…

No, absolutely not.

She didn’t want to think about it. The what-if’s could easily send her brain on overload.

What if they just used one another for the next year while she was here? Either of them could make the decision to call it off at any time, and they would continue working together for the benefit of XTX until she went back to San Antonio.

Her body told her that was the answer. But, what if she wanted to stay in Dallas indefinitely? How would that work?

It wouldn’t.

She would want more, he would want nothing and things would become awkward between them.

As she sat in his giant bed, Sam could hear the shower. She could imagine him standing beneath the hot spray, gloriously naked, water sluicing over him, his body sleek and hard and suddenly the only answer was to go to him.

Fuck it.

She never went for anything that wasn’t safe and well planned out. Now, she was going to go for it. What other choice did she have? The what-if’s, the right versus wrong… None of it mattered when her entire being ached for him. She would hate herself if she walked away from Logan and didn’t take the chance he was offering her. She would rather go for it and see where that led.

With a determined breath, Sam planted her feet on the floor, threw right and wrong right out the window and straightened her clothes.

Walking slowly into the bathroom, the tile cold on her bare feet, Sam tried to be quiet. She could see Logan in the massive doorless shower, nearly the size of a normal bathroom in itself, three walls tiled, with jets and showerheads throughout.

The jets sprayed from all directions, directly on his tanned, naked body. She felt the wet heat between her thighs as she stood in the middle of his bathroom like a voyeur.

“Holy hell.” She whispered to herself.

This was it. The point of no return. She could drop her clothes on the floor next to his and join him in the shower, devour his body while he devoured hers and never look back. And she wanted to. Oh how she wanted to.

One step forward and he would know she was there.

Sam lifted her foot to do just that, but instead she turned the opposite direction. She had to get out of there and fast. Without hesitating any longer, she turned and ran out of the house.


Her apartment was quiet. Too quiet.

Sam took a step inside, locking the door behind her out of sheer habit. It wasn’t like anyone was going to come knocking on her door, much less want to come inside.

Especially not after what she’d just done.

The drive home from Logan’s had only taken half an hour, but it felt like an eternity. Her conscious had battled with her heart for the entire drive back, leaving her wishing she had been stronger.

But what did that mean? Strong how?

Strong enough to resist him the night before? Strong enough to tell him she couldn’t stay just to talk? Or should she have been stronger and joined him in the shower just to see where that would take them?

The erotic images that assaulted her told her exactly where that would have gone. The lingering regret nearly overpowered her.

She should’ve stayed.

What was done was done, though. All for the best, she tried to convince herself.

What gave her the idea she could handle a man like Logan anyway? She couldn’t hold on to him, she knew that much. He would want something she wasn’t capable of giving. Or he would want nothing at all.

However, the day must go on.

Sam quickly changed into her workout clothes and headed to the gym. Her membership with the popular franchise had easily transferred from San Antonio to Dallas, offering Sam the same benefits as before. Now, she just needed to immerse herself in some serious, heart pounding exercise, and all would be right in her world.

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