After an hour and a half on the machine, she decided she would go home and shower. She didn’t have any plans for the day, but maybe she could come up with something to do. Anything to keep her mind off of sneaking over to Logan’s house to surprise him. After all, he was supposed to be courting her, not the other way around.

Sam took a shower, put on her makeup and dried her hair, but she hadn’t been able to get dressed when her cell phone rang. She went to the dresser in her bedroom and picked it up, hoping it would be Logan.

Nope, not Logan.

“Hey, Mom. How are you?” Sam greeted her mother.

“Samantha, it’s so good to hear your voice. I thought maybe you disappeared off the face of the earth. You don’t return my calls.”

“That isn’t true, and you know it. I was busy yesterday, or I would’ve called you back. It was late before I got back home.”

“You know, they call it a mobile phone for a reason. You could always answer it when I call and then you wouldn’t have to call me back.” Her mother nagged.

“I did answer it, Mom. Remember, I’m on the phone now.” Sam smiled.

She loved her mom dearly, even if they did have this exact same conversation every time they talked.

“So, how are things going up there in Dallas?”

“So far so good. I finally got my apartment the way I want it, and I have settled in at work.”

“That’s so good to hear. Have you heard anything more about a permanent position?”

“There is talk. I’ve even contemplated buying a house.”

“A house? Really? That’s a big step for you, honey.” The concern in her mother’s voice gave her pause. If anyone knew her, it was her mother. “Are you sure you want to tie yourself down like that? That’s so unlike you.”

Her mom was right; she didn’t buy a house anywhere because she didn’t want to be tied down. Maybe that was why she hadn’t found a relationship either. She liked her freedom. She could still have her freedom and own her own home, couldn’t she?

“I know, but I think I might be evolving.”

“Since you moved to Dallas?”

“Maybe.” She knew it had more to do with Logan than Dallas, but her mom didn’t need to know that. “So, what’s the reason for the call, Mom?”

“Can’t I just call to talk?”

“Sure, you could, but you don’t.”

“Ok, fine. I just wanted to call to let you know your dad and I plan to come up to Dallas in a couple of weeks to see you. Maybe you can take me out to see the sights.”

“Sure. Just let me know before you come, and I’ll make sure the guest room is ready. I haven’t put much time into that room, but I will.”

“We’ll be sure to call you the week before we come. Your dad has a fishing trip planned next weekend, but maybe the week after that.”

“Sounds terrific, Mom. I better get off the phone. I need to run to the grocery store.”

“Ok, dear. I’ll call you later in the week.”

“Bye Mom. Love you.” Sam tossed the phone on the bed and walked into her closet. She was glancing through her shirts when she thought she heard a knock on the front door. She came out of the closet and stood for a moment, waiting to see if she heard it again.

After a few seconds of silence, she figured she was hearing things so she went back into the closet. She heard it again. This time she went to the front door.

She put her robe on, but she didn’t have anything on underneath it and wasn’t about to answer the door. She glanced through the security hole but didn’t see anyone. She decided to open the door to see if someone was there. Maybe it was Logan, and he didn’t think she was home.

When Sam pulled the door open, she noticed three dozen or so red roses sitting in front of her door with a card and a balloon tied to them. She glanced around but didn’t see anyone so she took the vase and brought it into the apartment, sitting them on the bar.

She pulled the card from its clear plastic stick holder and opened it.

Event: First Date

Day: Today

Time: 15 minutes

What you should wear: Something casual (shorts, t-shirt, bathing suit)

The butterflies were back, and it required tremendous restraint for Sam not to jump up and down like a kid on Christmas. Instead, she smiled.

Fifteen minutes.

Without a second thought, she ran to her closet, pulled out her black string bikini and a pair of short jean shorts and a black t-shirt. She used up every bit of the 15 minutes making sure she looked and smelled nice. It might’ve been a vain thing to do, but this was her first official date with Logan.