Just as he started to move his arms, she placed her hands on his rock solid biceps, holding them in place.

“Stop.” She said as she lifted her head, “You’ll have your turn later.”

The sun was beating down on her back, a slight breeze flowing over them, but Sam didn’t care about where they were or what else was going on. She had this beautiful man stretched out beneath her, giving her the chance to do whatever she chose to him. And she had so many ideas, all of them ending in his pleasure. And hers.

She trailed her lips to his other nipple, giving it the same attention. Nipping, suckling, and relishing the taste of him as he groaned loudly, the vibration rumbling through her core. She admired his ability to keep his hands in place, but she could feel the way he was grinding his erection against her clit.

In order to halt his ministrations, Sam sat up, pressing her body into him, slowing his ability to stimulate her even more. She ran her fingertips from his neck down to his navel, then slowly slid two fingers under the waistband of his shorts.

Looking around to ensure they didn’t have an audience, Sam was content to see that they were, in fact, the only boat in the near vicinity, so she turned her attention back to Logan.

She reached behind her and untied the string that kept her bikini top in place behind her back, then she slid the scraps of fabric over her head. Her breasts were firm and round, her nipples hard from her arousal, and she watched as Logan couldn’t tear his eyes away. When he licked his lips, she fought the urge to lean forward and offer herself to him.

This wasn’t about her.

“You’re tempting a very hungry man, baby. You can’t expect a man to keep any promises when you do things like that.”

Sam liked the way he talked to her, the intensity of his meaning had her pussy clenching, her stomach tightening. The way his voice broke from his apparent restraint was all the more arousing.

“As I said before, you’ll get your turn in a little while, right now, this is my time. Keep your hands where they are, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.”

She resumed her previous explorations, allowing her fingertips to trail once again down the dark patch of hair that disappeared inside of his shorts. This time, she went a little further, letting her fingertips glide over the engorged head of his cock, lingering a moment on the tip.

Logan flinched when she gently brushed against the mushroomed head, her fingers sliding down the sensitive underside of his shaft. She was empowered and in control of the outcome, and she let all of her inhibitions go. She slid her body back slightly, giving her more room to rub her hand on his shaft.

“Sam, I’m fucking warning you now. I can’t take much more.”

Logan sounded as though he meant what he said, but Sam wanted to push him to his limits. She liked that he was losing control; she loved how he responded to what she was doing.

The pleasure she derived from watching him was nearly as good as an orgasm. Her hand still hidden inside his shorts, she closed her fist around him and ignored his warning.

“It’s still my turn.” She reminded him, but his eyes were closed, and his chest was heaving.

She stroked him slowly, letting her fingers glide through the precum pooling at the tip. She wanted to see him, wanted to taste him. With as much grace as she could muster, Sam untied his shorts and slid them down his legs while she still remained straddling him, her breasts on full display.

“Sam, this is your last warning, baby.” He said as every muscle in his body tightened.

Well, then she still had one more chance. She smiled at him, resumed her position above his knees, then leaned over, one hand stroking his cock as she slid her mouth over the head.

His entire body flexed, his legs locked beneath her, but she continued, lowering her mouth over him until she felt him at the back of her throat. She used her tongue and her lips to devour him, sucking vigorously and enjoying the way he tried to hang on to the last thread of control.

“Fuck!” Logan groaned, and Sam couldn’t stop the answering moan that tore through her at the sheer eroticism of the act. As she slowly sucked him deeper, letting her tongue slide back and forth, she realized she wanted him to let go completely.

Logan’s eyes locked with hers, and she fought the urge to increase her suction, rather giving in to the desperate need to take things slow. She sat up, noticing some of the tension ease from him, until she untied the strings on each side of her hips, and then slowly pulled the last piece of black fabric that covered her and tossed it to the ground beside them.

She was now completely naked, perspiration coating her skin, her nipples pebbled and her pussy wet and aching for him. At that point, they could have had an audience, but Sam didn’t care. They had a small measure of privacy, hidden by the sides of the boat, but she knew she could be seen with her naked breasts out for the world to see, if anyone came by.

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