It was time to get him just as naked because she wasn’t finished with him. Sam pushed his shorts further down his legs until he was able to flip them off and they landed on the deck at the end of the chair. She admired the view for longer than she intended, memorizing his masculine beauty.

This time, Sam lowered herself to her knees, pushing Logan’s legs apart and maneuvering between them. His eyes were open, and he was watching her intently, and Sam found she wanted his eyes on her. The voyeuristic aspect turned her on more.

As he watched, she slowly slid her tongue along the underside of his shaft, curling her tongue around him. The animalistic groan that tore from his chest sent juices flooding between her legs. She was so wet, and it was all due to her giving him pleasure.

She maintained a consistent balance of licking and sucking, her eyes staying locked on his, watching the pleasure that contorted his features giving her the power to continue. When she took him completely in her mouth this time, the tip of his cock hitting the back of her throat, Logan’s body jerked in response, his head tilted back, and more expletives escaped him.

He was hanging on to the last vestiges of control, and she wanted to send him over the edge, bring him to his knees so to speak. Sending him the message that this wasn’t all about her, but rather what she could do for him, for his pleasure. That’s what she wanted him to know. She would take whatever he would give her, but she would give back just as much.

Stroking one hand down his shaft, Sam cupped his balls, massaging them gently as she used her other hand to stroke him and guide him in and out of her mouth. He was so large; his cock was long and thick as she allowed it to go as far as she could take it. Quickening her pace, she sucked, teased, and worked to send him over.

Suddenly, his hands flew out from behind his head; he partially sat upright, gripping her hair, forcing her head down as he thrust into her mouth. She was taken totally by surprise, but the control he exerted had her body tensing, as she fought to hang on to her own release.

“Sam, I’m going to fucking come.” His breathing was erratic, his hands fisting in her hair and his words shot her higher, her own release imminent. And he hadn’t even touched her.

“Baby, take it all. I love watching what you do to me.”

The groan that followed erupted into a roar as he came, his come filling her mouth, her throat working to swallow every last drop as her own orgasm exploded through her, a moan escaping as she came.

Chapter Fourteen

“That’s it. My turn.” Logan couldn’t hold back the hunger, couldn’t contain the need to control her, to dominate her. She’d pushed him past boundaries he’d never known before, given him erotic pleasure he’d never realized he could share with anyone while being on the receiving end.

And now, it was his turn.

He tried to be gentle, tried to slow his pounding heart, but he was overcome with a desire so strong, his brain wouldn’t focus. He turned her in his arms, lifting her so they could switch positions and then he forced her backward on the bench.

With Sam flat on her back, Logan propped one of her legs onto the seat back, spreading her other until he was directly between her legs and she was on display for him. He could smell her sweet, musky scent as he gripped her thighs, running his tongue up to the juncture between them.

“Fuck, baby. Did you come while you sucked my cock?”

Sam didn’t answer, but she moaned what he assumed was an affirmation. Her fingertips gripped the seat above her head, and she was squirming in a desperate attempt to get his tongue closer to where she obviously wanted him.

All in due time.

“That is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen, you lying here, spread open to me, begging for my tongue.”

Giving her a glimpse of what was to come, Logan thrust his tongue deep inside of her, deliberately avoiding her swollen clit. She might’ve already come once, hell, without him even touching her, but he knew she was on the verge of coming again. He wasn’t willing to let her just yet. He wanted to keep her on edge, torture her with the same sensual pleasure she’d engulfed him with.

The more she squirmed, the slower he thrust, letting his tongue roam around the warm, wet depths of her, the taste of her exploding on his taste buds. His fingers had a mind of their own, moving to her breasts, where he cupped her, squeezing gently, then twisting her nipples until she groaned.

“You like that, don’t you.” It wasn’t a question. He knew she did. “You like that bite of pain.”

Logan turned his attention back between her legs, giving her clit attention, flicking his tongue back and forth as she squirmed rhythmically. Her muscles clenched, she fought to squeeze him with her thighs, but he held her legs open, bringing her to the brink once more.