“You taste good. So fucking good.” Logan dropped kisses along her stomach, up to her right breast, taking her rosy nipple in his mouth, laving it with his tongue, nipping it with his teeth the same way she had done to him.

Logan captured her gaze, his mouth still teasing her nipple. Once she was fully focused on his face, he thrust one finger inside of her, her muscles spasming.

“Please, Logan!”

“Please what? What do you want from me, baby? Do you want me to keep torturing you the way you tortured me?”

He continued to thrust slowly, adding another finger to the warm, tight depths of her pussy, waiting for her to answer him. He wouldn’t go any further until she told him what she wanted… what she needed.

“I. Want…”

“Tell me.” He added more command to his voice, noticing how hot that made her. His cock was hard as steel again, and he wanted to bury himself inside of her, to feel her muscles clamp down on him, but he waited.


Logan smiled at the way she begged, still uncertain as to how to answer him. She was teetering on a razor’s edge of pleasure, yet the only thing she had to do was tell him what she wanted.

“That’s it baby, grip my fingers. Show me how good it feels.” He groaned as she impaled herself on his fingers, making his cock stiffen painfully, anxious to be inside of her.

“Logan. I need you. I need you now.”

He continued to plunge his fingers into her warm center, “Beg me, baby. Beg me to fuck you.”

She had already pleaded with him. He continued to thrust his fingers inside of her, harder, faster. Just when she would have exploded, he slowed.

“Fuck me now, Logan. Please.”

Those words were music to his ears. Not waiting any longer, Logan eased her from the bench, turning her until she had to brace herself on hands and knees. He knelt behind her, pulling her back until their bodies aligned. He was past the point of no return, so without giving her a chance to brace for him, Logan thrust into her. Once… twice…

Her body shuddered, her pussy gripped his cock like a vice, and she screamed. The sound was so arousing Logan barely managed to hang on. He knew she wouldn’t last long that time, but he wasn’t finished with her yet. She would come again before he was through.

“That’s it, baby. Come for me.” Logan wasn’t gentle as he continued to pound into her, his fingertips gripping her hips, holding her to him although she began thrusting backward against him until he felt his release building. He gave himself permission to follow her over into the mind numbing abyss. He pounded harder, gripping her tighter, hoping he wasn’t hurting her, but unable to do anything about it.

And then his world slowed and everything centered on one thing. He stopped moving and had to bite his lip to keep from coming inside of her.

He wasn’t wearing a condom.

“Shit.” Logan said; his voice tight with the pain it caused to hold back. “Don’t move.”

Sam turned her head, looking back at him, and he saw the concern in her eyes, but he couldn’t bring himself to speak. Not yet. He needed a second. When she started to move again, trying to see what was wrong he gripped her hips again and held her still.

“Logan? What’s the matter?”

And then, he saw the realization on her face. Her eyes were wide, her lips parted, but then she had the nerve to smile. Holy shit!

“It’s alright, Logan. I’m on the pill.” She stated, confirming she knew what had happened. “I’ve always been safe.”

Was she giving him permission to come inside of her? He’d never before come inside of a woman without a condom, but her hot, tight body pulled at him, urging him to let go. “I’m sorry.” He could barely spit the words out as he ground his teeth together. “I’ve never lost control. Not been prepared.”

“We’re ok.” She reassured him again.

And then the little minx bucked against him.

Fuck! He couldn’t hold on any longer, she was increasing the friction, moving faster, her soft moans of pleasure getting louder in his ears. He heard her words of reassurance and he knew at that moment that he trusted her with everything that he was.

“Sam, I’m going to come. Are you ready for me, baby?”

Sam groaned, continuing to push against him, while he started thrusting faster, his movements no longer showing any signs of finesse. His world centered on being inside of her, his cock going deep, pulling back, going deeper.

“Say my name, Sam. When you come, I want you to know who it is fucking you.” He groaned, pulling back one last time. “Damn it, Sam, fucking say it.”

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